Thursday, February 08, 2007

Restating Some Facts

Both supporters of Bob Bisno's plans and opponents of having 2,300 homes shoved down their throats sometimes need to be reminded of some facts.

The following facts are true and I would be very happy to discuss any challenge to these facts by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Currently, approximately 15 acres of the 61.53 acre site is zoned as open space. The remaining acreage is zoned R1-XL1 for single family residences. Another way of putting the R1 zoning is one home per 5,000 square foot lot, or up to nine homes per acre.

To change the current zoning to any other zoning requires a Los Angeles City ordinance approved of by a majority vote of the members of the Los Angeles City Council. In fact, a change of zoning is a change of law in the City of Los Angeles.

Mr. Bisno and his development company have filed an application to change the current zoning from what it currently is, as approved by ordinance by the Los Angeles City Council, and have that zoning changed by an ordinance approved of by the Los Angeles City Council.

"ATSAC" has been scheduled for implementation in the Wilmington, Harbor City, and San Pedro areas of the City of Los Angeles even without any funds coming from Bisno Development Co. CalTrans also plans to implement the system on intersections it controls.

A committee of 14 volunteers have been impaneled by Councilwoman Janice Hahn to provide recommendations to her and the L.A. City Planning Department for the purposes of assisting in the creation of a specific plan for the Ponte Vista at San Pedro Development. These volunteers have absolutely zero votes in any official capacity to either approve of or disallow any project of any kind, anywhere.

The comment period for the Draft EIR ended on January 30, 2007.

Janice Hahn has publicly and repeatedly stated that she does not agree with the concept of building 2,300 homes at Ponte Vista.

While the current zoning of R1 remains, Ms. Hahn has stated that "a project will be built" and that it is unlikely that the final zoning will be R1 at the site.

Mr. Robert H. Bisno, nor anyone else, knows what the final number of homes will be approved of at Ponte Vista.

The analysis of the comments to the Draft EIR are being documented and reported on to the Los Angeles City Planning Department by a firm hired by the developer.

Many of the findings reported in the Draft EIR have been challenged by reputable sources and a traffic count was conducted last week on Western Avenue.

Anyone stating how many homes "will" be at Ponte Vista is providing misinformation because no human being knows, at this time, what the actual number MAY finally be.

According to Mr. Bisno a home that is "affordable" is priced in the range of approximately $400,000.00. Again, according to Mr. Bisno, a person with a yearly income of approximately $100,000.00 would be qualified to purchase an "affordable" home.

The median yearly income for a resident of the San Pedro area of the City of Los Angeles is approximately $41,000.00.

This blog contains many more facts buried in the thousands of words.

Here are some concepts that were described to the CAC by the Planning Department.

With the comments from the Draft EIR being evaluated at this time, the Planning Department is using two or more parallel tracks to process and gain information.

One track involves the Environmental Impact Reports and dealing with all the issues that the process entails.

The second track, going on at the same time, is the formulation of a specific plan for the development. The Planning Department will use many resources, not simply recommendations from the CAC to help build the specific plan. Much of the plan will come via the developer and his resources. There will be more meetings and hearings that the CAC will not be a part of as the process moves along.

Folks who hope the CAC is the be all or end all for the public arena of any and all aspects of the Ponte Vista project, would be incorrect to think that our committee has that much input or power.

The Planning Department reminded us and wants everyone to know that they will listen to and take council from a large variety of individuals and groups and the CAC is just one of many resources that will be used.

I feel that the CAC shouldn't be thought of as the one and only resource the general public might come to for issues relating to Ponte Vista. The public is welcome on all levels to assist the Planning Department as much as they can. I think the advisory groups supporting Mr. Bisno's plans have a great right and responsibility to let the Planning Department know their thoughts.

It is important now and will be ever more important for a number of groups in opposition to Mr. Bisno's plans to come forward and make comment and give input to the Planning Department.

This blog is a forum and one way of expression. It shouldn't be the only blog concerned exclusively with Ponte Vista and everyone has the right and the responsibility to protect their homes and lifestyles. Your quality of life may be in jeopardy and if you don't come to bat to protect yourself, then you have no one to complain to except the person in the mirror.


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