Thursday, February 08, 2007

Listen Carefully

Listen Carefully. Think about what is said and how it is said. This is so very true concerning many folks on all sides of the Ponte Vista issue.

It seems to me that supporters and advisory group members of the Ponte Vista project have held strategy sessions where the topic of conversations and question answering most likely have been brought up.

Many supporters use words like "will", and "is" and "affordable" as parts of their statements or answers to questions. Many opponents use words like "should", "may", "might", "must", and "hopefully". It appears supporters must have a direct line to a supernatural deity to "know" what will be at Ponte Vista when nobody actually knows the answer to how many homes MIGHT be built inside the development.

I feel supporters have been coached to use the power of positive thinking when using assertions to claim what "will" be and what "is" going to be at Ponte Vista. I am quite sure if you ask them to be sincere, they will have to correctly admit that they have no idea of how many homes may actually be built at Ponte Vista. Even Mr. Bisno doesn't know what the final stats may be.

But we all should listen closer. Opponents don't know how many homes will be at Ponte Vista, either. There are folks who claim R1 now and forever. I feel that this is probably not going to happen, BUT the current zoning is R1 and it will remain that way unless and until the majority of the members of the L.A. City Council approve an ordinance changing the zoning. That may or may not happen, but it would be wrong to state that the zoning "will" be changed.

I would like everyone to understand that many supporters use the words they use because it is like "common speak". Many of them have agreed to Mr. Bisno's plans and are not about to waver from those plans and actually discuss alternatives that have not been approved of by Mr. Bisno or his development company. It is a tactic that is well known and these folks shouldn't be treated too harshly because I think they really believe in Mr. Bisno's plans and want to aid him in his goal of building 2,300 homes.

Now some words about "affordable" because I and the other members of the CAC learned exactly what Mr. Bisno claims is "affordable." When directly asked what he considers "affordable housing" to be, Mr. Bisno replied, and I went back to triple check his answer as a home just under or at $400,000.00.

Now why is that an important number? Well, for a whole lot of reasons.
Mr. Bisno claims that a person making $100,000.00 per year can afford a $400,000.00 home. Many supporters claim that homes at Ponte Vista will be "affordable".
If you read back at some of my earlier posts, you will find that approximately 17% of the non-age restricted homes would fit that description and all of them will either be lofts or studio condominiums.
The majority of the populations of San Pedro, Harbor City, Lomita, and Wilmington would not be able to purchase a home at Ponte Vista because their yearly income is less than half of what would be required for the least expensive home at Ponte Vista.
If you talk to a supporter who continues to claim that homes at Ponte Vista will be "affordable" please ask them what basis they feel that claim is true.
If homes are "affordable" at Ponte Vista then they will be "affordabel" at the Center Street Lofts, the Bank Lofts, and perhaps even at the Vue.

Of course if you are a single mother working as a card carrying member of the unions on the docks, you should easily be able to afford at least a studio home at Ponte Vista. And if you are a "move-down" senior, who sells their paid off home in San Pedro for a senior home at Ponte Vista, perhaps you can afford to pay cash for the new home and simply pay the monthly fees using the remaining profit from the sale of your home.

In fact, the average price of a home at Ponte Vista, even with the giant configuration as planned would be in the $700,000-$800,000.00 region. Ask yourself if that is "affordable" to you.

I am going to create another post with some facts that simply are very true, whether anyone likes them or not!

Please listen and read carefully before stating facts that may or may not be true.

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