Thursday, February 22, 2007

Watch the Site Meter.

Mr. Bisno claims he has 5,377 supporters of his plans to build 2,300 homes at Ponte Vista.

He also claims that the number of people who do not want R1 zoning is 5,377.

Now without padding the numbers and only visiting this blog because it interests you, please watch the site meter you can access at the bottom of this blog.

As of 6:58 PM on Thursday February 22, 2007, the site meter registered 4,269 visits since I started keeping track in September, 2006.

Now I am not claiming that all of the visits are from opponents. Far from that, I am certain that folks from all sides of the issues visit this blog for news, information, opinion sharing, and sometimes, just out of curiosity. I know there are visits from supporters and people from inside the Bisno organization. I also know this site is looked at by at least one member of the Planning Department as well as other city personnel.

Within a month, it appears this blog will have more than 5,377 visits. It means actually nothing except that I can claim a number, just like Mr. Bisno can claim numbers.

It is very true that most visitors spend less than one minute visiting this blog. There are visitors who jump in just to see if I have any new posts. There are several visitors who seem to possible record everything on this blog for whatever reason they choose. Hey, it is a free blog and if I keep the facts straight, I am free to write just about anything I want.

Come visit this site Sunday afternoon, if you don't have anything better to do. I assure you there will be new information and perhaps something you might be interested in acquiring. It is already fairly open knowledge that the opposition to Mr. Bisno's plans are ready to pop out and be publicized.

And now for something completely different.

When the Exxon Valdez ran aground, the average cost of rescuing and rehabilitating a seal was about $80,000.00.
At about the time the two seals that were most impaired by the oil were ready to head back out into open waters, a press conference was held with members of the rescue team ready to let the two most expensive to rescue seals head back out into open water.

Picture news crews along the dock, with dignitaries and rescuers ready to let the seals go free.

Imagine the horror when within one minute of the seals release, they were eaten by an orca in full view of the cameras and onlookers.

Next time you feel you have had a bad day, please remember those tireless rescuers who helplessly watched the beloved seals become a regular meal for a killer whale.

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