Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Write Your Nightmares Focus Group

After creating "Write Your Dreams Focus Group" and after learning about the newest drive-thru restaurant on Western Avenue, I thought, in fairness, a post considering what nightmares folks may have had or will have concerning Ponte Vista and Western Avenue, would be useful.

The same simple rules apply to this post, that apply to the "Dreams" request.

For those of you who don't know, an elderly driver made an, apparently unsafe, exit out of the shopping center's parking lot on Western Avenue at Westmount. The elderly driver's car was hit by a northbound vehicle. The elderly driver stated that he intended to step on his brakes to avoid the collision, but stepped on the gas, instead. The elderly driver's car went out of control and went through the front of Coco's Restaurant. Coco's Restaurant was not designed or built as a drive thru facility. According to the Daily Breeze, no one was hurt.

This event may mean something when considering that Mr. Bisno and other like-minded folks, including me, are considering placing the largest single concentration of senior citizens in our community, in new homes along Western Avenue. Perhaps this event places food for thought on the menu of Ponte Vista.

So, in fairness to all, please consider writing about your nightmares concerning Ponte Vista at San Pedro. This could be thought of as another type of focus group.

I do not want to dissuade anyone from writing their dreams for the Ponte Vista site as part of comments to that post. But the nightmares comments may provide all of us with differing views that can also be worthwhile when thinking about a specific plan for the 61.53 acres of land.

Please have fun, but not too much fun with this post. I do think "Dreams" can be more useful in the discussions, but it can't hurt learning your nightmares, either.

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