Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Economic Impacts of Ponte Vista at San Pedro

The title of this post brings forth too many questions and comments that I can deal with on this post. I am starting this particular discussion and I am seeking help and input to create a post that will eventually answer some of the many questions raised about this particular subject.

Like traffic, population, and student residents, nobody really knows the real answers to many questions concerning the Ponte Vista at San Pedro project.

Mr. Bisno, with the Scoping Report, Draft Environmental Impact Report, endless presentations to community groups and interested members of the public, and advertisements, has painted what I would call a very colorful picture of the projected economic impacts his development would provide.

Perhaps none of what is presented by Mr. Bisno's side is true. Nobody knows.

What we do know is what he has projected for the possible prices for the different models of housing he wants to create at Ponte Vista. (see earlier posts on this blog)

What we do know is the probable income level required to purchase a home at Ponte Vista.

What we do know is the average yearly income of residents in San Pedro, Wilmington, Harbor City, Lomita, and other areas Mr. Bisno is seeking home buyers from.

What we do know is the difference (over $100,000 per year) between the average yearly San Pedro income and the average yearly income required to sustain the economic impact stated by Mr. Bisno.

What we do know is that we don't know enough.

I am going to need some help before I post a more truer picture of what the economic impacts coming from Ponte Vista might be. Anyone and everyone with the ability to assist me is more than welcome to Email me and share their thoughts, and facts that will help me create a post that folks can learn from.

Members of Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council have worked hard to bring forth inconsistencies between what Mr. Bisno's documents show and what really exists in the real world. You should take some time and learn from that group what they have found. I will try to upload some of their findings about economic impacts on this blog.

As you read other posts on this blog, including the statement from the CAC, you will learn just a tidbit about some real economic issues in our area. It is not much, but it is something.

It should be noted that the projections from Mr. Bisno depend on a 2,300 home development where folks have either somewhere averaging a $144,000.00 year income, or have bought their home for cash using the selling price of their older home in San Pedro for a portion of the cost.

It should also be noted that we all should throw the 2,300 home vision out of the window.

It should be noted that the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce is studying the possible economic impacts of the Ponte Vista development independently of any developer, community committee, or government agency. They did not jump on the support for Ponte Vista bandwagon that other chambers of commerce seemed all too eager to do and for that, I feel they deserve good credit.

It should be noted that many of us who grew up on the east side of what is now Rancho Palos Verdes, do not do as much shopping within a five-mile radius and many other folk do.

It should be noted that there have still been no plans evolving to deal with any new parking needs in area shopping centers, if any homes get built at Ponte Vista.

Please also reread "Listen Carefully". When you hear someone say that the economic impacts to the area "will be" such and such, know that they really don't know what impacts might be achieved. When you hear individuals talk how there "are going to be" 2,300 homes at Ponte Vista, know that this particular "fact" has not been proven and no human on this planet knows the true number of homes, if any, will actually be built at Ponte Vista.

Let us embark on a quest to use the most accurate resources available to paint a truer picture of what economic impacts Ponte Vista MIGHT have on the communities surrounding the site. Let us welcome the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce doing their valuable work. Let us learn from individuals who are looking into this area. Let us not jump to conclusions that Mr. Bisno purports to be true and that we know just aren't so.

Concerned community members have now brought forth both traffic and economics as main factors in deciding whether they support or oppose the project. There is much work being done concerning traffic and the work concerning economics has begun.

Overall population of the site and student impact on the area schools are also "heavy hitters" in my book, and in time, we all need to look more closely at these two topics, too.

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