Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Are housing projects crowding Torrance?

The title of this post is taken directly from the Home Page of Wednesday, November 14 edition of The Daily Breeze. The link to that Home Page is:

The headline as it appears in the paper is: Jammed in Torrance?

There is a photo showing two condominium buildings under construction. Above the photo is this:
"You've just created a nightmare -and they're still building." -Bill Sutherland, Torrance councilman who was elected last year on a platform of stopping what he perceived as rampant residential construction.

Below the photo, but above the headline is this caption:
The Village on Oak, whose 198 units are still under construction, is part of a trio of Torrance housing developments that packs 376 homes into a little more than 16 acres. "(Initially,) it seemed like a good project," Mayor Frank Scotto said. "The second time around it was obvious it was too large."

Sometimes if feels to me like gifts to this blog fall from the sky. When this happens, I usually shake my head, smile slyly, and read through whatever is written.

I decided to use 16.3 acres as "little more than 16 acres" and divided that into the 376 homes being constructed. The density I came up with is about 23.06 units per acre. The article uses that approximate density.

The 1,950 units Bob wants to build on his 61.53 gross acres of Ponte Vista come out to be around 31.69186 units per acre. This density is less than his original 2,300-unit density of 37.38- units per acre, but Bob's current proposal would find about 8.63 more units per acre on his one site than the three sites listed in the Daily Breeze article.

The article does deal with traffic at the new developments in Torrance.

I will not take for granted that sometimes gifts fall from the sky and make this blog easier to write.

There is still such a long way to go and all must not forget that we are fighting a giant weapon of mass development in OUR community.

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Susan said...

Hi - I had been watching this development - it gets uglier and bigger by the day.

I beefed about it some weeks ago on my blog - I was particularly testy that day, and I posted a google satelite photo of the lot - where you can really see the ginormous size of this development - from space even!