Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Something Good is Going on at Ponte Vista!

If you drive by the main entrance of the Ponte Vista site, you will notice new fencing being installed along S. John Montgomery Drive.

The folks at Ponte Vista, along with the folks at the new Mary Star of the Sea High School are putting in fencing so students and parents can use S. John Montgomery Drive from Western Avenue, to the new campus.

I know I am among a very, very small number of folks who believe access to Mary Star from Western Avenue is not what I would like to see, but so many others wish for this access, there really is no fighting it.

The fencing, designed to protect both the public and Bob Bisno's site, will help secure the route and provide safe passage to and from Western Avenue and the new campus, slated to open in December.

For OUR community, this installation of fencing is a good thing for everyone, I believe.

In this time of thanksgiving, I hope we all can understand when something good for all of us happens, and try not to put down the fence. The fence was needed and it is being installed. I am thankful for that.

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