Saturday, November 24, 2007

L.A. City Not Complete With ATSAC

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the L.A. County portion of synchronization of signals along Western Avenue (The section along Western Avenue between 111Th. Street and Summerland Avenue) has been completed, according to Supervisor Don Knabe.

What some thoughtless individuals seem to suggest is that I misled individuals into thinking the the system is complete with the intersections controlled by L.A. City Department of Transportation. As I am quite sure intelligent readers would have learned, is that the L.A. City's portion of ATSAC is NOT complete.

The City of L.A. has approved providing ATSAC with the intersections it controls, no matter what ever happens at Ponte Vista.

Supporters of Bob's current plans, whatever they are, suggest that I have not informed folks of the truth. Fortunately for the many of us who have not been brainwashed by Bob and his minions, we know that ATSAC has been completed along the stretch of Western Avenue fronting the Ponte Vista site, and for at least one mile in each direction, along Western Avenue.

Reading items from Ponte Vista and supporters of Ponte Vista allow us to learn that they are much more interlocked together and are still fighting for things it still appears, OUR community does not want imposed on us.

Now it seems the folks at Ponte Vista are having to use individuals who will not identify themselves to push their agenda along. That is sad. I thought Bob Bisno claimed to be above board with the community and always tried to use the truth, openness, and identifiable supporters to push his project through.

Now we are seeing individuals being used to further Bob's causes who won't supply us with their true identity. What have they got to hide?

There was an advertisement in today's More San Pedro Magazine which alluded to the new access road to Mary Star of the Sea High School.

In the add, it was claimed that once Bob receives the entitlements for Ponte Vista, he will build a road, at his expense, to Mary Star, from Western Avenue.

But, did you know that if Bob is allowed to build under the current zoning at Ponte Vista, he has repeatedly stated, in public, that he would be under no obligation to provide such a road to Mary Star.

So, if Bob is entitled to build only R1 housing, then he has stated that there will be no road to Mary Star.

What is the truth? If Bob is entitled to build as few as 1,100 units, which would change the zoning, would he still provide funding and land for the road? Must the L.A. City Council approve a minimum number of units for Bob to willingly build the road? What entitlements is Bob writing about? Must the entitlements be for 1,950-units for him to provide the road?

While the issues are still being dealt between Bob and the Planning Department, is Bob's recent advertisement a true and honest statement of fact? I guess we will have to see.

I live in Rancho Palos Verdes. The signal at my closest intersection on Western is controlled by Caltrans and is one of the intersections that has had ATSAC completed.

The entire ATSAC project is not complete, as I have stated several times before, and everybody who is in the know, knows that.

The City of L.A. needs to finish their part. They stated they would do it, no matter what Bob builds at Ponte Vista. So why do we really need the number one "community benefit" Bob has repeatedly claimed HE would provide. We are getting it anyway, no matter what Bob says, does, claims, or tries to do.

Now that ATSAC has been installed, south to Summerland Avenue, it is time for everyone to actually watch, drive, review, and form opinions on how traffic is actually doing. Has it gotten better? Has it gotten worse? Has it stayed the same? We ALL need to be judges on what WE feel is happening along the, already ATSAC portion of Western Avenue.

There is enough intersections between Summerland Avenue and points north for supporters of Bob's to TRY to claim that since ATSAC hasn't been completed along all of Western Avenue, to 25TH Street, we shouldn't judge Western right now. I contend that since Summerland, Crestwood, Park Western, Trudie/Capitol, Caddington, Toscanini, Delesonde/Westmont, and Avenida Aprenda give all of us enough intersections to judge how it is going.

The sad truth that we now must learn is that, if ATSAC is truly completed along the Caltrans-controlled intersections of Western Avenue, this is about as good as it will ever get.

So the future only holds for more vehicles, more trips, more stores, and more cars on Western, in the ATSAC-controlled areas.

Let Bob's supporters claim what they want to claim, we will have the knowledge, by driving on Western Avenue, what the real truth is.

Perhaps Bob, his supporters, and some scared individuals have bent the truth so much, it finally broke. Just an imaginative thought.


KM said...

If this is as good as traffic gets on Western I am not impressed. At least there's no sinkhole.

Anonymous said...

what is going to stop bob from turning 2000 units into rentals as his neighbors did? what is the reasoning for the building of this project this week? i really like the way the city has made him clean up his property. the green screening looks real nice. if he gets his way it will become a ghetto.

Jim said...

The flow of traffic doesn't seem any different to me. If you had never mentioned it, I never would have known.

M Richards said...

Thanks Jim.

Some times I get the feeling that the light stays red for a much longer time when I am trying to turn from Trudie Drive, north on Western Avenue.

Also, sometimes the green left turn arrow to allow folks heading north on Western Avenue, to turn left or westbound on Trudie Drive comes on either before or after the green light goes on for northbound Western Traffic.

I have seen the left turn arrow go green towards the end of the northbound green cycle and at other times, the left turn arrow comes on before the northbound green light comes on.

In talking to a friend who lives on Caddington, west of Western, he feels the light stays red longer for him, too.

I didn't realize that the Caltrans portion of ATSAC was completed as of August 24, until I read the press release from Supervisor Don Knabe's office.

We'll have to see how traffic flows and have everyone judge whether traffic is better, worse, or has stayed the same.

I do like the flow, so far, when heading northbound on Western Avenue from Trudie. I do get backed up between Toscanini and Delasonde, but that may have something to do with the shopping areas.

We will get a real good look at AM and PM school traffic next month, when Mary Star of the Sea opens their new high school campus.

Anonymous said...

Mary Star's 1st day is/will be Wednesday 11/28.

M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 9:34 PM

The members of the CAC were told the campus would be opening in December, but Wednesday is just a good of day as any other.

There are banners on the Ponte Vista site welcoming students, parents, and others.

I am having quite a day of funny occurances and disruptions in the magma that is humor.