Saturday, November 17, 2007

County Signal Synchronization Complete!

Below is the body of a press release released on August 24, 2007 and followed up in Supervisor Don Knabe's recent Newsletter. ________________________________________________

Traffic Signal Synchronization Project Complete

In The South Bay The County of Los Angeles has completed the construction of a Traffic Signal Synchronization Project in the Fourth District cities of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Rancho Palos Verdes and Long Beach, Supervisor Don Knabe announced recently.

The $933,524 project focused on coordinating the timing of signals along three major streets in the South Bay. Over 100 total intersections were synchronized on the following three roads: Artesia Boulevard from Sepulveda Boulevard to Vermont Avenue, Carson Street from Hawthorne Boulevard to Santa Fe Avenue, and Western Avenue from 111th Street to Summerland Avenue.

This project is part of the County’s ongoing program to enhance traffic flow and safety for drivers and pedestrians. Prior projects have shown travel times through these synchronized routes are reduced by as much as 24 percent during peak travel hours and as much as 29 percent during other periods of the day.

“It is important that we constantly look for ways to reduce congestion and improve the flow of traffic on our roads,” said Supervisor Knabe. “By synchronizing these traffic signals, both the residents of these cities and the nearby unincorporated County areas that travel these routes will benefit.”
This Press Release was released by Mr. David Somers, the Press Contact for Los Angeles County, Fourth District Supervisor Don Knabe. _____________________________________________________

Thank you, Glenn Cornell, the President of the Rolling Hills Riviera Homeowners' Association, for delivering this information to me. I bet we all know that something has happened to the timing of the signals on Western, especially if you live west of Western and have to turn left, onto Western. Our signal timing seemed to get longer.

So now what can Bob offer, as a "community benefit"? Is he now going to help the City of L.A. fund their portion of the synchronizations of the traffic signals on Western Avenue from 1St. Street, to 25Th Street? Will he continue to push the community benefit that is more than a mile away from any dirt at Ponte Vista? Did L.A. County get its check from Bob for the synchronization between Palos Verdes Drive North and Summerland, like he promised? I bet not!

And another thing that ticks me off, Louis Dominquez and so many other supporters of Bob's blight claim they support "the project". What in Sam Hell is "the project"? Is it 2,300-units? Is it 1,950-units? Is it whatever Bob wants it to be? I don't think even Louis knows what the real project is.

Wait a minute! I think I finally know. It's not "the project", it's "the projects". That must be it! Perhaps we just can't hear the "s" when it is spoken and it must be left out of the writings, these folks create.

The only problem is that Bob has absolutely no intention of building any housing that lower income folks can afford, so I guess when you leave the "s" off the word, it means that it is going to be the "projects" for the rich folks.

Ah, that felt good. I had been wondering what "the project" meant when it is used by Bob's supporters. Now I know and it makes much more sense. It must also mean when you keep the "s" off the end of "project", you keep the (s)h*it folks out of your glamour condos. Now Bob, that is not very nice.

Sorry about the slip of the fingers and tongue.

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