Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Election Update...11:40 PM

The results appear to be in for the City Council race for the City of Rancho Palos Verdes.

Steve Wolowicz....3,757 votes
Tom Long.............3,272 votes
Doug Stern...........2,826 Votes
Paul Wright..........2,745 votes
Don Reeves..........2,476 votes

These results were from the County of L.A. site and reflect 100% of 14 precincts, with an available electorate of 25,832 potential voters.

Voters were to vote for up to three candidates, so this means the turnout seemed to be mighty low again.

As far as Measure C goes, 55% of the votes indicate that there will be a citizen advisory board appointed to oversee the continuing Storm Drain repairs.

Measure D, which would have repealed the Storm Drain User Fee, went down to defeat by the same 55%/44% margin.

What is good about tonight's elections is that the three incumbents who have been re-elected stand firm in supporting R1 at Ponte Vista. I hope more residents learn this fact and appreciate our City Council Members, all five of them, who continue to call for keeping the current zoning at Ponte Vista.

I wish I could report more accurate news about the Lomita City Council Election, but the semi-final results that I can find are only from 8:36 PM, tonight.

HOWEVER, if what we see at 8:36 holds true, the Mr. Mark Waronek will be LEAVING the City Council!!!!!!!

As of 8:36 the results were:

Ken Blackwood..............1060 votes
Don Suminaga................1235 votes
Mark Waronek.................624 votes.

We need to keep our fingers crossed here and hope that we find that Lomitans really care for R Neighborhoods Are 1, and have demonstrated that to the rest of OUR community by throwing out not only a strong Bisno supporter, but one who worked for Bob in the past.

It is a good night to go to sleep happy for what may be found to be true in the morning.

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