Friday, November 23, 2007

Odd and Ends 40

Here is a bit of recap of what is going on and some of the things that have been happening recently.

The current plans for Ponte Vista at San Pedro are still under review, consideration, and updating by the Los Angeles City Planning Department and representatives of Bob Bisno's organization.

There are no reasons to comment on any rumors anyone has heard or passed along. We need to let the system works at its snail pace and not get too frustrated with them.

The new fencing on the Ponte Vista site to allow access from Western Avenue to the new campus of Mary Star of the Sea High School is progressing. Folks are hoping to open the new campus in December.

The folks working on the new Marshall's were awaiting clearance from L.A. County Fire Inspectors before continuing on creating the new store where the old Do-It Center once was.

There is parking available on the side and behind The Terraces Shopping Center, on the top level.

The two Chevron Stations closest to Ponte Vista, towards San Pedro, both have their pumps down. The Gaffey Chevron seems to be getting new pumps and the Chevron at Crestwood Street is getting a makeover with new pumps, new canopy, and a new store where the maintenance bays used to be.

I haven't been following the suit that Y&S Auto Body brought against the Kinder Morgan/JCC Homes project on Gaffey. I know that not only the area where Kinder Morgan was, but also areas outside their original boundaries need to be completely cleaned up before J.C.C. Homes finalizes the deal to build 134 Patio Homes.

Both the Torrance and Lomita City Councils now look to be very interested in questioning development in their two cities. More and more Torrance residents are feeling burned by development projects that have been approved and are really beginning to clog up their traffic.

Target hopefully is still on target to get the new store built on Gaffey.

New money has been offered into the redevelopment near downtown San Pedro and along the Pacific Avenue Redevelopment Corridor.

Let's hope we can all enjoy the rest of 2007!

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