Friday, November 09, 2007

Odds and Ends 38

We will probably see at least several letters to the editor in The Daily Breeze concerning the editorial in Friday's edition.

It really doesn't matter what "they" say, it is the actions that have been going on, and will continue to go on, in opposition to any proposal to build 1,950 condominium units in northwest San Pedro, by anybody.

Has anyone driven by the Ponte Vista site and seen groups of individuals holding signs stating they want "affordable" housing or they want "Senior" housing? I am sure that there are enough members of the various advisory groups supporting Bob who could bring out followers. Why haven't we seen folks marching in support of Bob's weapon of mass development?

Bob is probably not that different from other developers who strongly believed that they could buy property zoned one way and get the decision-makers of the City of Los Angeles to change the zoning to what he wants. But times have changed, the building environment is different right now, who wants to take a risk on Ponte Vista at this time?

Several Saturdays ago, I sat in my wheelchair and I bet over 100 drivers honked at me. There I was, on the corner of Western Avenue and S. John Montgomery Drive and so many people honked and waved and held their thumbs up.

Thank you to all of those fine drivers and their passengers who honked, shouted, gave the thumbs up sign.

All I was doing was sitting, waving, smiling, and holding an R1 sign. It was a wonderful hour to spend doing what I could.

I would like everyone to continue to visit, bookmark, and talk about, the real R1 Web site that provides information, resources, and asks for contributions. I don't run that site, but I know who does and they are doing a great service to OUR community.

I also want everyone to visit "life on the edge" at There are several talented writers on that blog who discuss much more than just Ponte Vista. They do, of course, have the correct attitude about Bob's blight.

Still waiting........

It still appears that the Planning Department is still waiting for documents from Bob and his organization.

I haven't found out the opening date of the new Marshall's on the top level of The Terraces. There is a decent sized parking lot on the north side of the shopping site, so I don't think there will be that much of a parking problem. There is also space behind the businesses on the top level for parking.

The old Chevron Station at Crestwood and Western is gone. I think I wrote about the convenience store that will replace it, some time ago.

It looks like we all will be waiting for gas now that there is one less filling station on Western Avenue. The closest gasoline filling station south of the Ponte Vista site, on Western Avenue, is the Shell Station on Western Avenue at Park Western. The next filling station south on Western, is the Mobil Station on 25Th. and Western.
There is an ARCO at Weymouth and 7Th, a Chevron and ARCO on Gaffey at Channel, but the pickins are getting slimmer in the San Pedro area for buying gasoline.

The closest filling station north of Ponte Vista along Western is at Western and P.C.H.. There is a filling station on Palos Verdes Drive North that is the closest filling station to Ponte Vista, but getting to it and from it, can be a nightmare.

I don't mind waiting for Bob to produce the necessary documents. The longer he takes, the closer the opening of Marshall's and the increased number of cars on Western to gum up his traffic counts.


Jim said...

Are you sure the Chevron Station at Crestwood is gone and not just replacing their underground tanks. The last I saw there was a lot of excavating ging on, but the building was still there.

M Richards said...

Thanks Jim,

Some time ago I believe I heard that it was going to be replaced.

I sure hope I am very wrong about that, though. We are going to need all the filling stations as close as we can find, in the future.

I will try to contact Kitt Fox and see what he says.

Terri said there is a sign on the fence someplace, but I haven't seen it yet.

Anonymous said...

there is a sign on the fence of chevron with their name on the bottom in fine print. while walking by the corner saturday night, i spoke to a man in a chevron shirt leaving. i asked him if they were rebuilding and he said they were trying. a vague answer, so i don't know what is going on. even if there wasn't going to be a gas station there in the future, thay are required to remove the tanks and prove the ground is not contaminated. But, the city of rpv sure as hell knows and does not tell anybody in the area through their website or newsletter. another example of indifference to the locals and makes me feel all the more that we will see low income housing somewhere along western.again, i'm sure we will not know about it until they are being built. another thing, why the hell doesn't bob have to put up green screen cloth on his project like they have?. calls do nothing.

M Richards said...

Thanks for the information Anonymous 6:42 PM.

I will write to the Planning Department and see if I can't get answers to what is happening at Crestwood and Western AND when Marshall's might be opening.

Your thought about the green screen cloth is a great one! I made a comment on another post that suggests that folks write to the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council at: and see if they can't pursuade some City bureaucrats to force Bob to put up the screens.

It's not going to do any good for the victims who drive south on Western, down the hill and still have to have the ugly vision of Bob's blight on the left side of their vehicles, but it might help some.

You are correct that their appears to be an indifference to the locals on the east side of R.P.V. and especially in Eastview.

To claim that it is "their" fault would only be partially correct.
As I have repeatedly "ranted", those of us who could and should vote in elections of R.P.V. candidates, and those of us who could and should demonstrate more interest in R.P.V. rather than San Pedro, sadly don't. When only 11% of the eligible voters, in Eastview, cast ballots in the election before last, what might that say to those who could or should be representing us.

If folks living in our area really want information and representation, then I feel, we need to be the squeaky wheel that gets oiled.

We need to contact OUR representatives. One of the best ways is to start by bookmarking:

Almost every single time I have Emailed a Councilmember directly, I have received a prompt reply. It is not always what I might wish to read, but it is information that is usefull.

On the City's Web site there is quite a bit of contact information.

Anonymous, you have brought forth something I hadn't paid enough attention to, on this blog. I have placed lots of information about L.A., Neighborhood Councils, and things about what is going on, in San Pedro. But I have been short in providing information about the City I and about 42,000-44,000 people call home. Thank you for reminding me and I will create more posts about R.P.V.