Monday, October 16, 2006

Addressing Addresses

More folks seem to have been visiting this blog and I appreciate everyone's interest.

The Community Advisory Committee is (very hopefully) about to receive a comprehensive presentation from Mr. Bob Bisno detailing his proposal for building 2,300 homes on 61.53 acres in northwest San Pedro. I am still crossing my fingers that Mr. Bisno will be able to distribute the Draft Environmental Impact Report and the Traffic Study at the November 9th meeting of the committee.

I have now posted a piece on something that some folks who oppose Mr. Bisno's plans may be planning for the November 9th time frame as well.

I think it is the right time to provide some addresses via this blog so that folks can really begin to share their opinions with government leaders, community groups, and other interested parties.

As I have written before, I appreciate all respectful views from every side of the arguments.
I have compiled a list of Internet addresses that may provide avenues for readers and writers to share their views.
This is the Web site for Mr. Bisno's proposed 2,300 home development.
This is the home page for the Los Angeles City Web site. Ponte Vista is located in the San Pedro area of the City of Los Angeles.
This is the blog address and portal into the 15th Council District for the City of Los Angeles.
This Web site is for Don Knabe, Supervisor of the 4th District of Los Angeles County.
This is for the Los Angeles City Planning Department.
Here is the Web site for the City of Rancho Palos Verdes
Congresswoman Jane Harmon's Web site. Ponte Vista is located in her district.
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher's Web site. His district includes area directly across Western Avenue from Ponte Vista.
This may get you to the home page of the Los Angeles Unified School District. If it doesn't work, just type in on a Windows XP based system and you will be directed to the correct page.
This site provides some information about the proposed 2,025 seat high school that is currently being discussed for part of the Ponte Vista Site.
San Pedro and Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
Some local news, some events, some stuff, some things
Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council. Any residents moving into Ponte Vista would be eligible to join this organization.
Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council. They have the southern end of Western Avenue.
Central San Pedro Neighborhood Council
This is the address for the struggling group I just started.

Please contact me if there are any corrections to be made, and omissions that I should remedy.

Good reading, happy surfing, and enjoy commenting.


Anonymous said...

Glenn Cornell wrote:
"I'm sorry to report that Councilwoman Janice Hahn appears to be waffling on her commitment to keep the land zoned R-1. At a speech she delivered recently in San Pedro, she suggested that she is now open to allowing more units on the property than are permitted under the R-1 restriction."

Well I hope not. This would be a terrible legacy for her. Let's use our collective power to send a strong message to all our elected officials that WE DON'T WANT 2300 CONDOS stuffed onto the former Navy housing site.

M Richards said...

Thank you, Anonymous Glenn, for your comment. I'm glad you shared it here, but I would like folks who have opinions about Ponte Vista to use the addresses provided in this post to share their thoughts with decision makers and others who can deal with your comments better than I can. I am happy to have an avenue for comments and I would like to imagine that some decision makers actually care enough about the issues in Ponte Vista to read the posts and comments on this blog. But if they don't, I also would like folks to contact the decision makers as directly as possible with their comments and concerns.

This blog is still fairly new and I haven't caught on yet how to be less long-winded. So as much as I appreciate the comments and contributions to this blog, I also encourage everyone who has an opinion, to share it with as many people as possible, using all the vehicles at their disposal.