Monday, October 09, 2006

Protests and Demonstrations

I have been getting more comments and Emails lately from folks wanting to know about any organizations that are protesting Mr. Bisno's plans to build 2,300 homes in Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

I have stated that up until now, I have not known of any organized group designed to protest or demonstrate against Mr. Bisno's plans. These facts are changing.

The Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council has gone on record some time ago about their opposition to Mr. Bisno's plans. I have created a post giving information about this fine organization. While I do not believe they currently have any groups within their Council that deals particularly with protests or demonstrations concerning Ponte Vista, I can encourage folks who would like to find a protest group to visit their Web site: and inquire about the existence or plans for such type groups.

Along with the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council, the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council has gone on record opposing Mr. Bisno's plans. Their Web site is at:

According to Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council's President, Doug Epperhart, there have already been petition drives and other activities in opposition to Mr. Bisno's vision. Hopefully I will learn from Doug what steps folks can take to find groups within that organization that are like-minded and may begin protesting. I will share Doug's comments with you in a post. I also asked Mr. Epperheart to contribute a post of his own creation for this blog.

I have no knowledge if either of these Councils are considering creating protest groups opposed to SRHS #14, but if I hear of any, I'll post them.

I also need to mention that should I hear of any groups demonstrating in support of Mr. Bisno's plans and/or the building of SRHS #14, I will post information about that on this blog, too.

Mr. Bisno has funded activities in opposition to the proposed 2,025 seat senior high school project. One of his activists gave me a large button opposing a high school at Ponte Vista.

The general feeling I got by talking to several folks at this evening's NWSPNC meeting, is that it is probably the right time for the ramping up of efforts to block the construction of
two-thousand, three-hundred homes in Ponte Vista.

I cannot and will not join or support any protest or demonstration type group that either endorses or opposes any plans dealing with anything on the Ponte Vista property, including any school, while I am serving on Ms. Hahn's Community Advisory Committee. I will be a conduit of information for all groups, if asked, and my some of my subjective opinions concerning Ponte Vista and SRHS #14 are documented on many posts within this blog.

So yes, protests are coming. I will assist folks on all sides of this issues to find a group that best fits their opinions. I will continue to be as objective as I can be, and I will keep the four words that are the cornerstone for this blog in my heart and mind at all times. Please remember; Responsible, Reasonable, Realistic, and most of all, Respectful.

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Anonymous said...

The more grass roots pressure against this overblown proposal the better.