Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bring San Pedro On-line with MTA's Light-Rail System!

In this day and age of our so-called "petroleum wars" abroad, increasing energy costs and smog-filled skies at home, it is absolutely imperative that more of Los Angeles' outlying communities be brought online with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's existing light-rail system.

To be sure, areas like Los Angeles International Airport and West Los Angeles deserve the most attention. But care should be taken by policymakers not to forget the Harbor Area, which is undergoing a rapid state of development. Within San Pedro alone, private and public entities are considering investing upwards of several hundred million dollars in the not to distant future. From the Port's Bridge to Breakwater proposal to the 16-story Vue condominium complex to Bisno Development's 62 acre monstrosity Ponte Vista, without a comparable investment in the region's infrastructure, traffic and congestion will skyrocket. The powers that be should know that by the year 2020, Harbor Area streets will turn into nothing more then parking lots. Shouldn't the planning start now?

Citizens For A Harbor Line

Editor's note.
This is another contribution to this blog from folks who care not only about what is planned for Ponte Vista, but also the entire Harbor Area. I feel this group has a good suggestion for helping to mitigate what will surely be nightmare congestion throughout the harbor area, and eastern San Pedro Hill area once all the (already planned) projects are finally completed.

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Anonymous said...

This sounds logical and necessary. And yes, the planning, leadership, and vision should start now -- but don't hold your breath (pun intended). Politicians are myopic. At this point I'll settle for no more sinkholes on Western.

Did you read the recent article about how LA scored the worst in the nation in its ability to get all residents to the border of its urban area within 12 hours. And in case we have to stick around, I'd be satisfied if no more hospitals and emergency rooms close in LA County.