Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hypothetical Demonstration?

Suppose you read or heard that Gail Goldberg, the Director of Los Angeles City Planning, was scheduled to appear at the Brown Bros. Building on Saturday, November 4, from 10:00a.m. until noon. Suppose you learned Ms. Goldberg was planning on not only discussing her vision of urban design, but would also hear from folks about the harbor area and their ideas for development.

Now suppose you also heard or read that John Fisher, assistant general manager of the L.A. City Department of Transportation is also scheduled to be on hand to discuss traffic and transportation issues in our area. Just suppose, Mr. Fisher would also be willing to hear from folks attending, about their concerns.

Do you think there could be folks who attend the meeting who might want to demonstrate, using printed materials, songs, loud voices, and other peaceful means to "advise" Ms. Goldberg and Mr. Fisher, about their concerns dealing with developments?

Might you consider contacting the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council and/or the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council to inquire whether any of their members are considering demonstrating at the meeting?

Is it possible that Mr. Bisno might have assistants and advocates for his vision attend the meeting and share Mr. Bisno's vision with Ms. Goldberg and Mr. Fisher?

I was just hypothesizing about whether a meeting of this type might be one way to let the Planning Department and Transportation know how folks might feel about certain developments.
I was also imagining some of Mr. Bisno's supporters standing shoulder to shoulder with opponents of Mr. Bisno's plans and show united opposition to the Berths 97-109 project.

Until I get confirmation otherwise, my hypothetical demonstration will remain just that.


Anonymous said...

We need more involvement from people to speak up on this subject, a rally might do give it more exposure.

Anonymous said...

his associates are too busy drinking at Finn McCool's on Main Street in Venice...