Friday, March 16, 2007

Another Post Contribution

This is a post contribution for a resident of the Point Fermin area of San Pedro. I believe it is the first contribution of a post by an individual who supports only R1 development at Ponte Vista that I have published.

Supporters of Mr. Bisno's current plans to build 2,300 homes at Ponte Vista continue to regularly attack me and this blog for it stand on the issues. It took over 5,000 visits to receive a contribution such as this one. It feel it shows that this blog, myself, and contributors to posts on this blog are reasonable, responsible, realistic, and respectful.

This post comes from "Laura" and she left her real name and work title with me so I could verify who she is and where she works. I believe she is a true person and she has an opinion that many folks have.

But to be fair, you all must remember that I do not call for only R1 if proper mitigation can be achieved for the area. This post actually is somewhat in opposition to my ideas but it is demonstrative of a number of peoples' concerns and I always wrote that I would post contributions that I don't necessarily agree with.

Thank you "Laura" for this contribution.

Hi M. Richards,

I live in San Pedro and would like to get personally involved with the Ponte Vista project. I am a real estate appraiser for a government agency and I live in SanPedro (Pt. Fermin area). I cannot devote too much time as I work full-time and have a 3 year-old, however, I think I could lend my expertise and opinions.

I personally believe that the entire project should be kept R-1; the only reason any developer wants to change zoning is to maximize profit. Bisno is not motivated by trying to do what is best for the community, ie. providing affordable housing for seniors and the "work force".

As a condo owner who would like to buy a new R-1 home, I cannot find one project in LA County where the developer has not changed zoning in order to build Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)-essentially it is a single family residence structure that sits on a lot that is smaller in size than required by R1 zoning (typically 5,000 sf under R1), or condos.

There is a demand for new R-1 and prospective buyers would be willing to pay a premium in order to have at least 5,0000 square feet of land for a lot. The only alternative is to buy a mature, older home or go buy new in the Inland Empire.

The traffic on Western is another issue that no matter what traffic mitigation efforts are applied will not relieve the problem. The existing congestion is bad and will only worsen with additional population.

What can I do to help?

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Anonymous said...

"The project would have 2,300 new homes, with a mix of single-family housing, condominiums and town homes affordable for middle-income families and first time homebuyers."

Just as I thought. Due to the above slanted, misleading and false sentence, throw this poll (at least the pertinent part of it) in the garbage can (along with the 2300 number).