Monday, March 05, 2007

Thank you, Sven

I created a post titled "Write Your Dreams Focus Group" attempting to find brave souls willing to share what they would like to see inside Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

Up till now I have received exactly one comment to that post. It was from Sven Ludvquist O'Brien. Sven is both imaginative and imaginary. But below Sven has created an illustration of his dream, at least a partial dream.

In Sven's dream, he moves the Senior Housing to the south side of the property to block the view of that MONSTER and also provide seniors the least amount of walking distance to the shopping center, just yards away from the edge of Ponte Vista.

Sven also imagined that there would be different types of buildings inside Ponte Vista. He woke up before he could dream what those buildings might actually look like, but he did dream a density for each different housing type.

Sven also dreamed that the north side of the property should be the last phases of the project built. He dreamed that if a school was put on the site, it could be surrounded by single-family detached (patio-style) homes at about 14 homes per acre.

Sven felt that there should be some buildings set aside for work-force income housing. These homes could also be priced for first-time home buyers. He lets the density soar to 21 homes per acre.

The remaining residential space would be for buildings with up to 14 homes per acre, similar to The Gardens in density. Sven allows for some homes with 21 homes per acre, but he doesn't feel that most of the non-senior housing should be of a higher density than The Gardens.
Sven allows for the Senior Housing to have a guard-gated entrance on Western Avenue, and a remote-controlled gate on the east side. Sven believes all the other roads at Ponte Vista should be public.

If you look very closely at Sven's dream, you will see a gray line going from Western Avenue to Gaffey Street, and then over to the Harbor Freeway. Please don't tell Sven that a road like that can't be built. He would just remind you of his Viking ancestors who crossed the Atlantic Ocean to discover North America, or have you look at a photograph of Neal Armstrong on or about July 21, 1969. Sven only believes that a "can't" is "you can't scratch your left ear with your right elbow!"

If too many folks balk at having Sven's road connect to Gaffey Street, he can dream of an overpass that will bypass Gaffey altogether.

I wish some of the regular readers to this blog, as well as imaginative non-regulars, would take a few minutes and post a comment about what you really think should be at Ponte Vista. No matter what you write, it would not be incorrect.

If you place your mouse over the picture and click, the picture will get bigger.

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