Monday, March 26, 2007

Seaport Seems to be Learning

If you take a look at, after viewing it over the weekend, you seem some subtle, but noticeable changes.

On the "vicinity" menu page, the photo has been changes and not the building is visible, under construction, in the lower part of the photograph. What is still missing is the words, "San Pedro" anywhere on the shot. To the left of the photo, the words, "San Pedro" now appears in the text.

Also within the "vicinity" menu, under the "Entertainment" page, the first link now is for
"San Pedro Restaurants". Clicking on that link sends you to the San Pedro Chamber of Commerce Web site.

I will give the Webmaster for Seaport a little credit for making a few changes very quickly. Is there a whole lot more changes that should be made on that site? That depends on whether enough folks in our community tell them to change their site. They have made a little start, IMHO, but I can seem many more changes should be in order for that site.

If you think more changes should be made, please contact the Seaport Luxury Homes sales folks at:

Also, is up and running and you might want to give that site a look-see.

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