Friday, March 23, 2007

The CRAP on the Seaport Web Site

You folks need to strap something around your head to keep it from exploding when you look through the Seaport Luxury Homes Web site.

Take a look at: on an empty stomach because you will lose your ability to keep from vomiting when you read through this compilation of trash.

Your first quest is to try and find how many times "San Pedro" is used on the site. You are going to need to concentrate while looking through the main menu items on the site. Yes, there it first appears, in the actual location listing.

I looked up the restaurants mentioned on the site. I have yet to find one in San Pedro. Even under the "Greek" listing, Papadakis Taverna is completely missing!

This site tries so very hard to make folks believe the development is nowhere near San Pedro, let alone actually being located in San Pedro.

The site also mentions Ponte Vista and the amenities it states will be within that project.

The Seaport Luxury Homes site is laughable in most instances. It does, however offer actual comparisons to the pricing that might be at Ponte Vista and it is informative in providing unit illustrations that can be compared to the illustrations at

Take two or three too many Valium before embarking on a look through of the Seaport site, send the kids to Grandma's and the spouse out shopping. Put the pets as far away from you as possible and have a towel handy to put into your mouth so you won't grind your teeth.

If there was a contest in our area for tall tales, this site would win over every other entrant, even

Mellonhead, a commentator on this blog provided me with the address of the seaport site. This contributor deserves many thanks for opening up our eyes to this eyesore that still is
"that MONSTER" to me.


mellonhead said...

Sat. 3/24/07~
If you go to the real estate section of today's More San Pedro on page 34 you will find an ad from Leah Marinkovich (CAC and RHRHOA Board) promoting new condos on the PV Peninsula. Go to the Mattucci Real Estate web site at and find Leah as the listing agent for these condos. No address is given for the condos but it looks very much like our new Monster condos on Fitness Dr. Is this true?

M Richards said...

Thanks again, Mellonhead.

What do you think about Ms. Marincovich's position being on the CAC and representing condos for sale?

It is sure intriguing that the Mattucci Web site and the ad do not use the term "San Pedro" just like the Seaport Web site avoids San Pedro.

I am going to reserve judgement until I hear from Leah. I have written to her and I need to get verifacation if she,in fact, is a sales agent for Seaport Luxury Homes. If she is, that would be very interesting and I should think we might read some other comments from other folks.