Thursday, March 22, 2007

March 22 CAC Meeting

Another fine meeting, IMHO, was held by Ms. Hahn's Community Advisory Committee, (CAC), for the Ponte Vista project.

The folks from the Planning Department made more clearly to read and understand drawings of the three proposals that were submitted by the three working groups of the CAC during the last meeting. The also brought more pictures of different types of housing in our area for use to use as examples.

It seemed we all had a good time with our pens and yellow sticky pads, writing comments about each of the three drawings and the photos of the homes we liked and disliked. At the next meeting, the CAC will learn what the sticky notes told the planners about the drawings and the types of housing.

We also got quite a lesson about demographics in the San Pedro area. Almost 29% of the folks living in San Pedro, (90731, and 90732) are 19 years old or younger. There are more folks under 29 years old than there are over 49 years old.

There are more renters than there are homeowners and the average income, in 2006 dollars for the two zip codes is about $70,282.00.

The CAC still heard the word "affordable" from some supporters even after the chairman asked that many, many folks have used that term in the past and the CAC knows that many supporters believe the housing at Ponte Vista will be affordable.

There was finally a clear definition by Mr. Bisno and his attorney as to who would be allowed to purchase a home in the "Senior Housing" section of Ponte Vista:

One purchaser must be at least 55 years of age.
Someone older than 45 years of age could live in the home if they are related to the home owner.
Disabled minor children dependent upon the homeowner, and other disabled family members aged 45 years or less could also live in the section.
A primary care-giver, such as a health care worker, could stay in the section during the treatment of a qualified resident.
When a unit is sold, it could only be sold to an age-qualified person and the residents would have to conform to the qualifications set out in the previous title.
Any change to the status of "Senior Housing" may be written in such a way that only action by the City Council to change the section from "Senior Housing" to another type of housing would be necessary.

My impression of the meeting was that it was another very constructive event. Some sticky notes demanded R1 zoning remain, but compromise seemed to rule the meeting if one took the sticky notes seriously.

All in all, for this being my last CAC meeting as a member, it was good. Go ahead, read below.


mellonhead said...

The Monster Condo is now using the old Tennis Club sign at the entrance to Fitness Dr. Seaport Luxury Homes. Web site is What a mess that's going to be.

M Richards said...

Thanks for the information Mellonhead.

I had been under the impression by reading the legal documents allowing for the construction of 136 units at Seaport, but found 156 units illustrated on their Web site.

M Richards said...

Thanks again Mellonhead for finding my fault in the count of units at Seaport Homes. I forgot that there are some two-story units when I did my counts.

The vast majority of units at Seaport appear to be of the two-bedroom type.