Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Workforce Housing"

Tonight, folks learned what "workforce housing" means to Mr. Bisno.

Normally, workforce housing would be housing that would be affordable to blue collar workers, middle, middle income folks, and others who make of the bulk of middle income families.

During tonight's meeting, someone asked Mr. Bisno about the affordability of homes at Ponte Vista as it may be viewed as workforce housing. Mr. Bisno's response was that he felt members of the ILWU, all 13,000 of them (according to Mr. Bisno), could be considered to have the "workforce housing" income necessary to buy a home at Ponte Vista.

Now really! Members of the ILWU make some of the highest wages of any "blue collar" workers in the world, and they damn well deserve it! but to compare income levels of ILWU members to the rest of us "blue collar" workers is shear folly. The folks working the dock have some of the most dangerous jobs in the world and are well compensated compared to teachers, factory workers, government employees, and yes, even folks who work for AT&T.

To try to compare my hourly wage to someone who works up in the cab of an A-frame crane is absolutely ridiculous.

Bob Bisno seems to feel that his development would be a great place for only members of the ILWU and senior citizens to find homes he believes are "affordable".

The "single mothers" Bob Bisno continues to write and talk about gave comments at the January 18 Open Forum. Both women commented that they were members of the ILWU. How do I know this? I was there. Not only did I hear these women, I wrote down what they said.

So it seems single mothers can find a home at Ponte Vista as long as they are members of ILWU and have the income those jobs offer.

Please don't get me wrong folks, I have been a loyal member of the CWA for over 26 years so I know the benefits of a good union job. I would have to work about 12 hours a day, six days a week to have the income necessary to buy a home at Ponte Vista.

Now about young buyers. Young buyers MAY be able to afford a 600 square foot loft type unit at Ponte Vista for just about somewhere in the "high $300,000.00" price. That price could actually be $399,999.99 and still be under $400,000.00.

When I came back from technical training while serving in the U.S.A.F., my bride and I lived in a studio type apartment. It had a wall between the living area and the kitchen area, so it was a bit different than a loft, which is basically just a big open area with a bathroom separate for the large living area. I need to tell you that while we were newlyweds still, we both felt a bit hemmed in by not having a sleeping area separate from the regular living area.

The 600 square feet loft Mr. Bisno envisions as being the least expensive type of housing at Ponte Vista would be like living in a 20 foot by 30 foot open box, all for just under $400,000.00.

There is a report that states it would take a yearly gross income of $107,000.00 to be able to purchase one of the loft type units. So if two incomes are not used in funding the home, would a single income person making at least $107,000.00 per year be classified as having a "middle income"?


Anonymous said...

As if we didn't know already, further proof of the bisNO bullshit. He doesn't care one lick about "affordable housing" for working and middle class folk. Every reasonably intelligent and informed local knows this of course (including those who have not accepted donations and meal tickets from him.) Beverly Hills Bob is just another greedy developer who wants to squeeze as many $$ as he can out of an area before he moves on and leaves the community to deal with the aftermath and stressed infrastructure.

Oh, and I can't wait to see the "results" of his telephone "poll." This should make for a good laugh!!

M Richards said...

To be fair to Mr. Bisno, he doesn't actually live in the City of Beverly Hills.

Where he actually lives is a development that, according to Mr. Bisno's own words to me, is the most expensive development of homes in the country.

Mr. Bisno actually lives within the city limits of the City of Los Angeles and his local offices are in Century City, which again, is actually in the City of Los Angeles.

About the survey. You will need some strong headache medicine and a strap to put around your head so it doesn't explode! We had many good laughs prior and after the presentation, but during the outpouring of the results, nobody was laughing and Mr. Bisno was caught in an "error" that only you will be able to judge once it is revealed and posted.

The survey, for all intence and purposes was a publicity stunt that may backfire fairly badly on the Bisno organization, once the true facts are revealed.

Anonymous said...

Lives ((or owns mansions/property)) in BH or "the most expensive development of homes in the country," the point is still the same, if not more reinforced. This elitist developer is bad news for the community.

M Richards said...

Thanks anonymous 10:49, you are most correct that it doesn't really matter where this developer lives. Except for the fact that before, during, and/or after any new homes are built at Ponte Vista, the developer won't go home to live in San Pedro or eastern Rancho Palos Verdes!