Wednesday, March 07, 2007

They're Back!

"Would you like to sign a petition for affordable housing in San Pedro?"

Have you heard that line before? Yes, friends and neighbors, Mr. Bisno has continued the contract from the petition gathering company to post petition gatherers outside Albertson's (at least).

I talk to the gentleman at the table for some minutes and learned a thing or two from our discussion and from the flyer he handed me.

The gentleman was around last year collecting signatures of folks who wanted "affordable housing". The man told me that if someone did not ask where the development would be or how many homes would be built, he didn't need to offer that information. (That information, by the way was Ponte Vista at San Pedro and 2,300 homes.)

The gentleman confided that he worked on a time basis and not by signatures collected. He said that he did not feel a need to quote the total number of homes, but he was forthcoming with what I felt were hones answers to my questions. The guy might not even live in San Pedro for all I know.

Along with the man's comments, I picked up a flyer that appeared to be the same as last year's flyer.

Now, if you haven't looked closely at the flyer, please put your mouse on it and click to make it bigger. Let's look at what is contained on the flyer and what might be missing.

Included on the flyer is, "575 homes for senior citizens 55 and better..." What is missing is the 1,725 non-age restricted number of homes planned.

Included is, "Ponte Vista will donate a new public park for the harbor community." What is missing is the size of the park. Advertised as a "6 acre park", in legal drawings, the size of the park is actually 5.46 acres, or closer to 5 acres than 6 acres.

Included is, "Ponte Vista will contribute up to $3 million dollars to provide computerized signals on Western Avenue to help the flow of traffic and other traffic improvement measures..."
What is missing is the fact that the money Mr. Bisno seeks to "contribute" is far less than what is actually necessary to provide for the "computerized signals" or any combined mitigation.

Included is, "Ponte Vista will also provide homes for all ages starting in the high $300,000's."
What is missing is Mr. Bisno's own claim, made in public that he considers the bottom of the "affordable" spectrum of homes to be approximately "$400,000.00." Also omitted is the projection that the average price of a home at Ponte Vista may be about $712,500.00.

Included is, "There are people in San Pedro that are supporting R-1 or single family homes on the property. These homes will cost between $1.0 and $2.0 million dollars."
What is not included is the fact, according to Mr. Bisno himself, that the projected asking price for the 4-bedroom condominium unit in a large building at Ponte Vista would be approximately $1.25 million dollars."
What is also not included is that single-family homes can be constructed on a higher density than R-1 zoning.

It is extremely sad to report that I saw signatures, with names and addresses on two of the petition forms. It seems that there are still some folks out there that only read what is presented to them by the developer and don't bother to question what is written.

Apparently there are some folks who see the "575 homes for senior citizens..." and don't feel it is necessary to question why the remaining number of non-age restricted units is not written or spoken about unless directly questioned. 575 plus 1,725 equals 2,300. That is a total unit number of two thousand, three hundred.

If you go to Albertson's and see someone near the petition table, please stop them and tell them that Bob Bisno wants 2,300 homes at Ponte Vista. Then ask the person to turn around and look at the cars in the parking lot and look for empty spaces. If those two items don't have them rushing away from the table, then I am afraid, there is no hope for them.

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