Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bob, You Mistated the Facts Again

The following is from a piece written for the March 2007 edition of the Ponte Vista at San Pedro's newsletter.

"Even after hearing from hundreds of Ponte Vista supporters and buyers, Councilwoman Janice Hahn's Community Advisory Committee (CAC) has decided to ignore our seniors, working families, single mothers, and young buyers who want to live at Ponte Vista. On February 8, the CAC voted to continue consideration of R-1 zoning (single family homes)."

What the CAC decided is that it would consider a development of BETWEEN R1 zoning and 2,300 homes. How do I know this, Bob? Because I wrote it! Our CAC DID NOT limit its discussions to only R1 zoning and as anyone who attended the meeting last Thursday knows, we actually came up with ideas which actually considered NO R1 zoning.

Before you folks at Bisno Development write something, please check your facts! If you have a problem with facts, just let me know. I have more facts that can be substantiated concerning the project than it seems you do.

Normally I would not use Mr. Bisno's first name by itself, but this time he has disrespected himself, the CAC, and the organization he feels is truthful.


mellonhead said...

I'm very serious when I say this: Sell the property back to the Navy. The Navy donates the park to the PV Conservancy for open space. Just like White's Point but with more visitors.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the piece in the newsletter is correct.

The various models were not presented until last week. The perriod covered by the newsletter was February.

If you recall, Janice Hahn came in and told you guys to get off the dime and get moving. At that meeting you passed a motion to exclude R-1 and also to exclude 2,300 units in order to focus on something in between. (Yes, I know it is not the exact wording of the motion. But that was Jancie hahn's intent.)

But the very next meeting the CAC voted to rescind that motion. Therefore, the article is accurate in saying that you decided to ignore supporters and continue to consider R-1.