Saturday, March 24, 2007

Petition Versus Petition

Saturday March 24 has just about ended. Earlier today I posted that 3,090 petition signatures had been gathered supporting R1 at Ponte Vista.

By viewing you can learn that, as of today, 3,196 petitions supporting Mr. Bisno's plans for 2,300 homes and no R1 at Ponte Vista have been gathered.

Mr. Bisno claims 5,377 supporters to his current plans. My blog had 5,390 visitors as of 11:03 PM, tonight.

What does this all really mean? Probably absolutely nothing other than we still are a very divided community and that is not good for anybody.

Are we watching a petition signing race between paid gatherers and volunteers? Perhaps yes, but with the roll out of R Neighborhoods Are 1, for Mr. B. to stay in the race, he may have to contract for a whole bunch more paid petition gatherers.

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