Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Suffer Then, Suffer Now, Suffer More

" Go Western, young man" was a famous line from the past. Now it seems traveling on Western Avenue has become more of a gamble than betting on whether Alberto Gonzales keeps his job.

What we are going through now, on Western Avenue is something that could not and should not be avoided and it MAY help us out in the long run.

We are witnessing is CalTrans beginning the process of installing the necessary hardware to provide synchronized signaling along their portion of Western Avenue between Palos Verdes Drive North and Summerland Avenue.

CalTrans has the jump on the L.A. City Department of Transportation (LADOT), on the installation of the ATSAC and other system of regulating the signals along Western Avenue.

Today, Tuesday March 13, 2007, Trudie Drive lost access to the intersection it has with Western Avenue. For those of use who didn't know that we couldn't use that intersection, we got the privilege of driving through the parking lot of the strip mall to the its intersection with Western Avenue at Park Western Drive.

Did you happen to notice that there were TWO sections of Western Avenue that had lane closures during the day? Oh, what we have in store for us in the future.

Please also remember that certain government agencies have identified more storm drains that may face future collapse under Western Avenue.

Oh, did I mention that some developer wants to build 2,300 homes along Western Avenue, in northwest San Pedro? Please forgive me if I failed to bring that little piece of news up.

As you can witness by the work being done on Western Avenue at this time, we find the work being done without any influence or funding, for that matter, from Mr. Bisno and his organization.

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Anonymous said...

Even if he doesn't get the 2300, bisno should still fork over a lot more $$ for mitigation than the paltry sum he has proposed so far.