Sunday, June 15, 2008

Desperate, It Looks Like Bob Resorts to Using Children

How low might Bob go?

According to an article in the June 18th edition of The Daily Breeze,, Bob is now willing to "give" three ball fields to Eastview Little League, on the Ponte Vista at San Pedro site.

Whether this trick, in my opinion is legal, is a whole different story.

It seems Bob "inked" a deal with Eastview Little League, a private organization, to provide the land and give $20 Million Dollars to donate and develop the purposed site.

The article indicated that he would deed the 6-acre site (Well, where in the heck will the "public park" be?) over to the L.A. City Department of Parks and Recreation and that Eastview Little League would have use of the land for their private group.

If we remember, Bob attempted this stunt when he first marketed Ponte Vista.

Of the 600 families that were supposed to support his plans for 2,300 condos, or no ball fields, only approximately SEVENTEEN families acknowledged support for that weapon of mass development, according to a reliable source.

Now Bob, is a clear show of desperation, according to some, has gone back to using children in attempts to garner more support for a project that would change the character and quality of life in an entire community, and not for the better, many feel.

Of course, just about everything Bob is plying as 'community benefits' is based on whether he gets his 1,950 units, or not.

Does anyone in their correct mind think Bob won't hold OUR community hostage by stating that if he doesn't get what he wants, all the 'community benefits' he claims he will provide will vanish when and if he ever actually get approval for anything on the 61.53 acre site?


The deal Bob and Eastview Little League could have been inked using blood, but that still doesn't mean any new ball fields will ever get built at Ponte Vista.

If and I mean if any area of the Ponte Vista site is deeded over to the L.A. City Department of Parks and Recreation, the area would become owned, basically, by the residents of all of Los Angeles.

Should a private organization like Eastview Little League be granted exclusive rights to use those fields, without appropriate compensation to the City of L.A.?

I was happy to play in Eastview Little League in 1964. I didn't care that the group was using fields on private property and that they apparently paid $1.00 per year for the use of that area.

Let's see if leaders of Eastview Little League show up to the Public Hearing on June 26 and spout support for Bob's current plans.

If that happens, we know one thing......Bob and those leaders are willing to use children as a ploy to seek approval for a development that must NEVER be the size Bob wants.

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