Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Three-Blog Post for a Great Community Event

This is the first post which will appear on three of my blogs.

The Mary Star of the Sea Fiesta is scheduled for July 18-20, 2008.

While I was collecting signatures on postcards for the Public Hearing outside Von's at 25Th and Western, I learned that an organizer for the Fiesta was denied permission to place posters for the upcoming event inside the store.

I think the rebuke by Von's manager was quite poor, especially because it is the 61st annual Fiesta and it certainly is one of OUR community's honored, valued, and enjoyed events.

So I decided to do a first regarding some of my blogs and post the same information on three different blogs.

Real San Pedrans and good individuals who continue to strive to become Real San Pedrans know that the Mary Star of the Sea Fiesta is just an event that must be attended.

Can Real San Pedrans count how many Italian or Fish Dinners they have eaten over the years at the Fiesta? I know I can't.

I am not even a member of the Catholic religion, yet I still enjoy attending the Fiesta.

It's interesting to see how many different rides, booths, and other things can be packed into the space at the Church site.

Real San Pedrans and wonderful others contribute by helping to select the Fiesta Queen and the campaigning all over OUR community is great!

So poo-poo to the manager at Von's. Just look around at many other businesses in OUR community and I bet you will find the multi-colored poster in many, many windows.

If you have never attended the Fiesta, please plan on attending this year.

If you can already taste the dinners served every year at the Fiesta, please enjoy yet another fine meal.

The Mary Star of the Sea Fiesta, a great event in OUR community.

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