Monday, June 23, 2008

One Over Development Curbed in San Pedro

Today, the Q Qualification Classification ordinance, passed by the Los Angeles City Council, has finished its course on the former McCowan's Market site.

Three lots that made up the footprint of the former store at the intersection of 20Th Street and Walker Avenue had their zoning officially changed from C1-1XL to QC1-1XL

The new zoning means that only single-family, detached residential units can be built IF residential units are built on the lots.

This is a great victory for the Vista del Oro Neighbors Against Condos (VDONAC) organization and for all of OUR community that seeks to quell over development in the San Pedro area.

Of course the properties' owner, Mr. Mike Rosenthal can sue the City of Los Angeles. To that I say, "not much luck".

I know that the victory by the group and neighbors who live in the area or shopped at McCowan's Market is great, but it doesn't compare in size to what so many of us are facing regarding Ponte Vista.

I'll take any size victory I can get as long as it comes with future victories that may come to pass in the future.

What happened today also gives hope to many who feel or have felt that they can do nothing to slow or stop over development in OUR community.

See folks, please don't believe that Councilwoman Janice Hahn can't do anything about out of town developers who believe that they know more about what is best for OUR community than we do.

Ms. Hahn learned of the plight of her constituents and she and her staff became quite involved, very quickly, in finding ways to help the neighbors, the neighborhood, and OUR community.

Currently, Ms. Hahn continues to find no reason to change the existing zoning at Ponte Vista at San Pedro. We all need to support Ms. Hahn's current stance and recognize that she and her staff really are looking out for the residents and not just businesses and developers.

Now I know that supporters of Bob's current plans are going to state that there are more supporters for his plans than there are those objecting to those plans.

You may see lots of supporters attending the dinner at the Bath House on June 26. I think you will see folks you recognize and many, many people who you may thing don't even live in San Pedro.

I love the timing of the of the implementation of the ordinance. I am sure glad it didn't come on June 27th.

Let us go forward with our fight against the weapon of mass development that is Ponte Vista, knowing that regular residents can stand up to developers and WIN?

It has happened with the McCowan's site. I think it MUST happen with the Ponte Vista site.

And now for a little humor.

Very recently I had a conversation with a senior member of the Ponte Vista Outreach Team.

In our conversation this individual stated that Ponte Vista would not be built at R1. I immediately stated that it would not have 1,950 condominiums either. The individual on the Outreach Team then said; "well I know".

So it seems a senior member of the Ponte Vista Outreach Team has stated to me for the first time that they know Bob won't get 1,950-condos approved of, at the 61.53 acre site.

I am glad I had a pen in my hand and paper at the ready to record the quote accurately.

Do I know that Ponte Vista won't have its current zoning remaining when all is said and done at the L.A. City Council level? I am not willing to admit that BUT, I have written of my "dream" of having 1,080-units built at the site.

I must to continue to demand that the current zoning at the site remain because Bob has not seen fit to lower the number of units he is currently wishing to build to any sort of number of units that can be reasonably discussed, nor has he been willing to actively seek compromises in the number of units with Ms. Hahn's Community Advisory Committee or members of the Rudderless Steering Committee of R Neighborhoods Are 1, or any other group of opponents of his current plans, I strongly feel.

Both supporters of Bob's current plans and folks opposed to them have been working with important individuals to attempt to allow for the best seating possible, at the public hearing.

I don't have any new information to report, but it appears that both sides may be allowed a certain number of seats within the auditorium and that there may be a way of handing out seating assignments just prior to the hearing.

I am sure that there will be a number of individuals and groups selected by the Ponte Vista side, to address the Hearing Officer. That may also be the case with the opposition groups.

With only about 245 permanent seats in the auditorium, it might even be more comfortable just to sit outside with a comfy chair, some cool beverages (no Kool-Aid for the opposition, please) and among friends and fellow community members where peaceful discussions can take place while listening to the hearing over loud speakers.

You may want to wear clothing that can be layered. It should go from being pleasantly warm to unpleasantly cool, with fog, outside the auditorium.

Congratulations to VDONAC, the greater Vista del Oro area and its residents. Congratulations also go out to the rest of OUR community who loved McCowan's and have over development

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Anonymous said...

The 1,080 units are more like a nightmare, than a “dream.” Mr. Bisno had his opportunity to work with the community and come up a reasonable number, not 2,300, 1,950, or 1,080, that everyone could live with, but he failed. Honorable Councilwoman Janice Hahn needs to take a firm stance and protect the R-1 Zoning Laws.