Sunday, June 15, 2008

Your Help is Needed Concerning the Public Hearing

Here is important information that you should know.

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Your help is needed in sending a message to the Hearing Officer at the Public Hearing scheduled for June 26, 2008 at the John Olguin Auditorium of the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.

(John Olguin was one of the first signers of the R1 petition calling for the Ponte Vista at San Pedro project to be developed under the existing R1-1XL and OS1-1XL zoning that is currently the legal zoning on the 61.53 acre area in northwest San Pedro.)

The Yellow flier provides information about the Public Hearing and where you can snail mail your comments to the Hearing Officer if you are unable to attend the Hearing.

The yellow card above is a consolidated image of both sides of one card. You are most welcome and download the card, sign it including your address and Email, and send it in to the Hearing Officer.

Some members of the Rudderless Steering Committee talked to folks entering and leaving Albertson's on Western. When all was said and done, 222 fine individuals provided their signatures and addresses to the card that will eventually wind up with the Hearing Officer.

You also may find a individual in your neighborhood providing information to residents concerning the upcoming Public Hearing. You will also have the opportunity to sign a card similar to the one pictured above. You will save postage if you sign the card when it is offered to you and it will be turned in to the Hearing Officer either at the Public Hearing or before it happens.

Please remember, not one single member of R Neighborhoods Are 1 have ever collected one penny for gathering information, signatures, and providing information to OUR community.

On the other hand, every single piece of paper with any one's name, address, and/or signature demonstrating any type of support for Bob's plans for Ponte Vista, whether they truly support Bob's plans or not, was touched by at least one individual who received pay to, at least, handle the cards, petitions, or other paperwork eluding to support for Bob's plans for Ponte Vista.

When you come to the Public Hearing, please look for folks handing out the newest, free R1 button so you can demonstrate to others your desire to support YOUR community by demanding that the site remain with its current zoning.


Domenic Costa said...

Am I the only one who reads/sees Bob's advertisements for his property that has not been built or has had no plan approved and wondered about some of the people who have put themselves in those ads? I mean what's in it for Viramontes, Moreno, Papadakis, et al? I know that some of them are quite well off financially. Are they going to live in a senior community off of a super-congested Western or Gaffey? Wouldn't their families provide better for them? Maybe I'm just naive-maybe they all aren't sell-outs-maybe they just want the free meal on 6/26. I know I didn't get invited. Maybe I don't make or have enough money-maybe it's because I have a R1 sign in my front yard. Either way it is time for ALL residents who use Western or Gaffey to rally and show up 6/26 down at Cabrillo.

M Richards said...

Thanks Mr. Costa, you said it quite well!

I wrote a letter to the editor of the Daily Breeze about "community leaders" who support Bob's plans.

IF it gets published, it may anger a few folks who think they "lead" others in OUR community.

If is doesn't get published in the Breeze, then it will most certainly appear on several of my blogs.

It seems some people who think they are "community leaders" in our community are willing to follow someone who doesn't give a damn about OUR community.

Remember always, in the Ponte Vista matter: "Bisno's profit will be your loss and will come at YOUR expense."

Michele Burk said...

Thanks for including the yellow 'card' to send to the L.A. City Planning Department about the Ponte Vista project...I've printed, signed and mailed it today.

M Richards said...

Thank you so very much, Michele.

Congratulations to all members of VDONAC and others who fought against over development in the Vista del Oro neighborhood of San Pedro and WON!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your talking apples and oranges to say "Bisno's profit will be your loss".

Bisno's profit would be financial, my/your loss would be quality of life issues. Very different value.

Also, Bisno's "public benefit" offers are his gifts in exchange for the community's support of 1,950 multi-family UNITS. I don't need no stinkin' gift, do you?

M Richards said...

Thanks Anonymous, 10:23 PM.

I don't take credit for the motto, but I do know who created it.

Sometimes, I put a dollar value on my time. I/we will certainly lose time waiting in incredibly worsen traffic along Western, IF Bob gets anywhere near his 1,950 CONDOS.

At this point Bob is promising to build only for-sale condos, but your use of UNITS makes me think you believe Bob may go back on his words and build at least some, lease-to-own or rental UNITS.

Good point!

I did opine on the Internet, that I could probably use a free Smart Car.

Actually since the very beginning I have repeatedly stated that I could allow for more UNITS if a new road between the Ponte Vista/Mary Star sites and Gaffey Street is provided.

I also want a new set of ramps for the 110 between the warehouses and the refinery, something I have illustrated on this blog.