Friday, June 20, 2008

Odds and Ends 70

Hey Bob, Alan, and Elise, my support for your current plans for Ponte Vista can be purchased, too.

Here is all that I want before I change my ways:

A new road between Ponte Vista/Mary Star and Gaffey Street. You will need to put funds into escrow for that BEFORE the Public Hearing.

I would also like a new set of ramps to and from the 110 Freeway to the new road, using the area between the warehouses and the refinery. Again, you will need to put the funds for this into an escrow account before June 26th, 2008.

Yesterday I thought I wanted a new Smart Car. Now I want a Honda Hybrid because both of my sons have '08 Honda Civics and I need to keep up with my boys. Please place my brand new Honda Civic Hybrid, blue please, outside my home by this Sunday. Leave the title to the Civic in my mailbox if I am not home.

I would also like a ride on the Goodyear Blimp. This must be provided either this coming Monday or Tuesday.

When all of these issues are completely settled in MY opinion, then I will write a new post supporting whatever you want. You must be advised that any and all of my aliases will continue to strongly oppose your current plans. I will also have others write posts condemning your current plans.

See, isn't it easy to be able to have your support for Bob's current plans purchased?

Now, you should all find whatever you want in the way of purchase prices, for your support for Bob's current plans.

We all know that none of what Bob has 'bought' from businesses, individuals, and groups will be good unless he gets what he wants.

But there is no real way for that to ever happen, so many of us believe.

It is probably too soon to see how much Eastview Little League will actually lose by its management selling the kids and their dreams to Bob Bisno.

I think just about everyone critical of EVLL will now be even more critical of that group's management.

I think folks who were sympathetic or sitting on the fence, will now find themselves quickly standing on the side of the fence that is critical of the management of EVLL.

I think weak supporters of the continuing plight of EVLL and their struggles because their lack of vision for their own future, for so many years, will become unsympathetic of EVLL's plight when their deal with Bob falls apart.

I think even strong supporters of EVLL, who oppose Bob's current plans at Ponte Vista, will feel sold out by the management of the league.

Again it seems, the management of EVLL lost sight of the league's future, for a quick fix that really won't ever happen, many of us feel.

So, who is actually going to have to pay for the Eastview Little League IF they were to get new fields at Ponte Vista?

Don't you think prospective buyers of potential units in the senior section will not feel too kindly to the increase in price to pay for the ball fields and land for Eastview Little League.

Might the Yuppies who don't and won't ever want children if and when they move into Ponte Vista object to having the price of their units attached to the 'gift' of land Bob is attempting to give away?

After all this recent marketing, and all the new support Bob is paying to attract, do you really believe Bob will 'eat' any of his potential profit, for Eastview Little League?

As with Lincoln Place in Santa Monica, when the going gets tough, the Bob gets going.....away.

Bob no longer owns any of that project, having finally sold out his remaining interest to the largest rental management business in the U.S.A.

Don't you wonder who Bob will try and purchase support from, next?

You may guess and make your comments on who you think will be the next to sell out OUR community to Bob and his bunch.

Before the banner adorning Butch's Auto Repair business blew, too many times onto the roof, it displayed opposition to Bob's current plans for Ponte Vista.

Have any of you seen banners, fliers, or other written material supporting Bob's current plans for Ponte Vista at Papadakis Taverna, Herb Zimmer's printing business, Taxco, Apple One, or anywhere else, for that matter.

The Rudderless Steering Committee of R Neighbors Are 1 has received many new requests for lawn signs. I bet you won't see that from Ponte Vista supporters.

As for supporting Ponte Vista, I do support Ponte Vista remaining R1-1XL, and OS1-1XL.

We all have only six more days to create, mail, Email, or save for the Public Hearing, our written comments concerning what we feel Bob should be allowed to build.

In my first set of comments, snail-mailed in last week, I illustrated all the other developments in the area that are, will, and probably will come online over the next several years, in OUR community.

I am still writing my second set of comments and have six pages written, so far, on why Bob's current plans will absolutely NOT work in OUR community.

Please think of how Ponte Vista, built using Bob's current plans will affect your quality of life, as well as your family's quality of life and their overall future in OUR community.

Now that the South Region High School #14 plans for building an 810-seat senior high school at Ponte Vista to ease over crowding of Narbonne H.S. has been mothballed, a new direction has been revealed by some members of OUR community.

Many members of OUR community do not want any new high school campus built on the Upper Reservation of Fort MacArthur.

On June 24, the LAUSD Board of Education is taking up the motion to lower the number of seats at the planned South Region High School #15, from 1,205 seats, down to 810-seats.

If this does take place, there will be an even greater call to use the "6-8 acres" LAUSD states it needs to build an 810-seat campus, at Ponte Vista, in northwest San Pedro.

Thousands of members of OUR community believe building a new campus 8/10 of a mile south of San Pedro High School and further out on the peninsula, make less sense than building the new campus on the north side of San Pedro.

If SRHS 15 becomes a 810-seat campus, look forward to a strong fight to build it closer to where more students actually live, and closer to central and north San Pedro.

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