Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Latest Mailing

First off, I contacted the Outreach Team at Ponte Vista and requested that my name be removed from any and all lists that suggest I support Bob's current plans in any way. I was informed that my name would be removed "in June" and I believe that has happened.

However, I have been recently informed by a number of folks that they received a mailing from Ponte Vista even though they claim they have never signed anything that would indicate any support for any of Bob's plans.

Perhaps the Outreach Team has had to resort to mass mailings to individuals who were not listed as being a supporter of Ponte Vista.

I can certainly understand this case, if that is what is actually happening. Having to resort to unsolicited advertisement may mean that they are grasping at straws.

I am glad that they didn't include a return card seeking more support for their project.I've had people bring me the latest card/mailing and ask me why they have received it. I can't confirm to them why they received it, but I can certainly opine as to why they got sent what they got sent.

One very honest friend told me that she received the mailer and it looked like it was addressed exactly as her voter registration appears. I doubt that Ponte Vista would be allowed to use voter addresses, but there must be lots of lists of addresses available for purchase.

It may also be true that folks in non-90275 zip codes received the mailer because no one I know of, who lives in 90275 got one. But there may be folks in that zip code that received it, but haven't informed me.

It seems to me that Bob is really turning up the faucet on his marketing budget. We are still months and months away from the time where the Planning Department reveals what they think Bob could build. It may be true that Bob is trying to gain more support prior to the June 26 hearing so more folks will come out in support of his plans for Ponte Vista.

It's Bob's money. It's Bob's Outreach Team. We all must remember that "Bob's profit will come at your expense".

So even though it seems like Bob is spending marketing money hand over fist, that doesn't mean for one second that he should be granted any more support for his plans. It does mean however, that opponents to Bob's current plans must work that much harder to tell all those who will listen, the truth of what Bob's plans might do to OUR community.

I hope everyone will write and speak to the Hearing Officer by June 26 and provide your own reasons why you should not have to put up with such a huge development in YOUR community.

Don't worry about the inadequate seating in the auditorium on June 26. There will probably be a giant screen to show the Hearing to folks gathered in the parking lot. Bring your lawn chairs and your good humor, please.

Let's all try and count the times supporters of Bob's use the word, "affordable" when talking about the market-rate housing that Bob really plans on providing. It should be quite a hoot!

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