Monday, June 09, 2008

June 26 Hearing Flier

Public Hearing
Thursday, June 26
5:00 p.m.
Cabrillo Beach Aquarium


Don’t let the City approve thousands of condominiums and thousands of cars a day on Western Avenue. Tell the Planning Department you SUPPORT keeping single family R1 zoning.

The developer’s profit is your loss.

If you can’t attend,
send your written comments to:

Los Angeles Planning Department
CPC 2006-8043-GPA-ZC-SP-DA
200 N. Spring Street, Room 621Los Angeles, CA 90012

or Email comments to

Tell them you SUPPORT R1 zoning at Ponte Vista and OPPOSE subdividing the property and amending the community plan.
Please provide oral and/or written testimony created with your own mind and not like so many supporters of Bob's current plans, who seem to repeat the same items over and over again.
Supporters will tout that Ponte Vista will provide a great economical impact to San Pedro, but the truth is that most of the economic benefit/proceeds from sales of goods will actually be garnered by businesses within a five-mile radius of Ponte Vista, but NOT within the City of Los Angeles.
There are no large major appliance stores, new car dealerships, upscale home furnishing stores, multi-plex theaters, or major shopping malls within five miles of Ponte Vista that will contribute to sales tax revenues for Los Angeles, where they would be needed to fund the added infrastructure required to keep a giant Ponte Vista project going.
"Bob Bisno and Ponte Vista will fund major traffic improvements." This is one of the most disturbing things supporters still claim and claim and claim and claim.
The actual fact is that there are 127 signalized intersections within the area that will have their management upgraded at taxpayers' expense prior to seeing one penny of funds from Bob Bisno be sent in to do the very thing Bob and his supporters claim will be done for those intersections.
One thing everyone must remember that IF Bob doesn't get what he currently wants, in terms of number of units at Ponte Vista, there is absolutely no written guarantee that he will provide all the "community benefits" he is currently offering.
Both Bob Bisno and I concur that there would be no requirement for him to continue to provide access through Ponte Vista for students, parents, and others going to and from the new Mary Star High School campus, IF the current zoning of the property continues to be mandated by the City of Los Angeles.
Bob would also probably not provide most of the other "community benefits" he is currently offering if the site remains with its current R1-1XL and O1-1XL zoning.
Bob may still be offering carrots, but you and everyone else would have to accept taking on such a large 'stick', for generations, that for thousands and thousands of us, it really isn't worth it.
Tell the hearing officer why you think and feel that this out-of-town developer really doesn't know what you want for YOUR community, no matter what he claims.
It is time to stop this madness and demand that the Ponte Vista site not become something that you will regret, yet you will have to live with, for as long as you live in this community.


Just4fin said...

Well said. Los Angeles can not continue to roll over for developers who pay too much for the property they buy expecting to convert the zoning to higher density usage and increase their profits.

The Harbor area doesn't need a project this size and certainly can't afford to have it built without seeing its quality of life erode and then, perhaps, evaporate.

It's still about density. Too much density and the problems it will bring.

So to that I say, "R-1 No Compromise" and have the developer build no more than what the current zoning of the property calls for.

Anonymous said...

did you see the story in the Times about the Water Garden creating all that traffic in Santa Monica? Guess who was one of the developers on that project?!