Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Written Comment Period Extended Plus Helpful Information

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The period of time to submit written comments to the Hearing Officer for the upcoming event has been extended until the close of business on July 11, 2008.

You are encouraged to provide your personal comments on the facts as you know them, how the quality of life would be impacted for yourself, you family, your friends, and your neighbors, and how you feel about Bob promising many "community benefits" he may very well not provide.

You may send your comments and written testimony via Email. Please address your Email to:


Please reference CPC 2006-8043-GPA-ZC-SP-DA, VTT-63399, ENV-2005-4516-EIR

in your Email or snail mail written comments.

If you are sending comments in via the postal system, please address your envelope(s) as follows:

Los Angeles City Planning Department
Community Planning Bureau West/Coastal Unit
200 N. Spring Street, Room 621
Los Angeles, Ca.

If you haven't filled out one of the thousands of yellow or orange cards that have been circulating around town, you can find a copy to upload on a post further down on this blog. There is still time to submit the cards that state that you do not want the property at Ponte Vista at San Pedro to be subdivide that property. The card also acknowledges that you DO NOT want the community plan amended and that you support maintaining the current zoning at the Ponte Vista site.

Your help is still greatly needed.

If anyone who is coming to the public hearing has a hand-held counter, we need to know how many times supporters of Bob's plans for Ponte Vista use the word "affordable".

Please remember, whether Bob claims he is providing "work force" housing or any other type of units, he has NEVER waivered on the concept that he is going to sell units at "market-rate" prices whatever they are, IF he actually has the property developed.

Thank you for your continued viewing of this blog and other blogs I support.

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