Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Interesting and Funny San Pedro Magazine for July

San Pedro Magazine had its July, 2008 edition hit my driveway on June 26.

It was not only a somewhat informative edition, but there was no lack of my kind of humor in it.

Josh Stecker, the publisher of San Pedro Magazine did a not-so-great job of trying to defend his actions of including a letter to the editor for Mr. Santich in the very same edition where Mr. Santich's photo adorned the cover and within the cover story of the magazine.

Most folks in San Pedro aren't as concerned with Ms. Hahn's dealings with south-central gangs, as they are with many, many other more important Harbor area issues.

Josh did a less-than-bright thing which looked to many people as he was endorsing Mr. Santich's position by including the letter in the same edition Mr. Santich was so prominently featured.

No amount of explaining over the phone, via Email, or within the July edition is going to get folks from thinking Josh did a less-than-bright thing.

But, a brilliant thing Josh has done is to bring onboard Mr. Steve Marconi. His wonderful column which takes to task Ponte Vista once again, provides an avenue for Mr. Marconi that was lost when More San Pedro was eliminated

On the back cover of San Pedro Magazine is a full-page ad for Ponte Vista. the add features a (smug) smiling Dave Stanovich from Eastview Little League.

Note to Mr. Stanovich, the recent actions and 'agreement' by the management of Eastview Little League has nailed the coffin shut on future hopes of building real permanent fields in San Pedro once the Ponte Vista deal falls through, as long as any member of the current management team of EVLL remains.

I bet Dave and others have heard comments like that since their support for Bob's plans was recently given.

Dave and others, NOTHING has been officially decided concerning Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

You have mortgaged EVLL's future on a dream that may, more than likely will never happen, you swallowed the Kool-Aid Bob finally offered, and you sold out about 600 families and the rest of OUR community.

Getting back to pure fun, Linda "Bob Bisno is going to save San Pedro" D'Ambrosi was featured with her new Smart Fortwo car.

I thought real estate agents used large cars to impress clients, but Linda "Bob Bisno is going to save San Pedro" Di Ambrosi doesn't seem to continue to believe that.

Maybe she is an agent interested in marketing to one individual at a time, but more than likely, she isn't

An error was made on page 31 of the edition when it included "Thelma Zuanich Zankich is a lifelong San Pedran". Not only is Ms. Zankich not dead (we don't know if she will really be a lifelong resident until she dies) it seems she is now not entitled to move out of San Pedro.

This is just another thing I think is funny, like when people state "I have been a San Pedro resident all my life." No they haven't, they are not dead yet.

Richard Pawlowski brought up an issues I have been supporting for several years now.

He thinks an Aircraft Carrier would be good for our port, our community and be a welcome addition for all of us and for tourists, too.

I doubt highly that the Port of L.A. could welcome a full-size, 1,000 foot long carrier.

But there are assault carriers which had helicopters and Harrier jump jets on the flight deck and hangar deck, and they also had amphibious craft stored in the hull, with lots an lots of U.S. Marines ready to storm ashore for our country.

A smaller carrier is the Iwo Jima class might fit quite nicely in the Fishing Boat slip, next to Ports o' Call, I think.

a smaller carrier still has the flight deck space to provide static displays of all types of military aircraft and it would attract local residents to become more involved and supportive of our port.

The port and community could see increased spending by locals and tourists in an area that needs the money.

Perhaps if a smaller surplus carrier was donated by the U.S. Navy, it could be enhanced by the moving of the Lane Victory, which is already a really great attraction in the harbor.

The July edition carried an article, with photos, of a film that was shot partially in San Pedro.

Hey Josh and just about everybody else, what about "Some Kind of Wonderful"? If you have spent any time in San Pedro you must take a gander at that flick. If you graduated from San Pedro High School, that movie is filled with scenes of that campus.

San Pedro has been in so many films and T.V. shows, "The Streets of San Francisco" was filled with more streets of San Pedro than it was filled with streets "where little cable cars travel halfway to the stars."

According to a manager at Marie Calendar's, there is little chance the restaurant will move to downtown San Pedro at this point.

If you want to learn the difference between Buono and Buono, you can find out the differences in the pronunciation by talking to Frank or George, or talking to Phil or Gary, or Clare.

One Buono family pronounces their name similar to how the late Sonny Bono pronounced that last name.

The other Buono family pronounces it name with a long "u" similar to "b-you, know"

But a Papadakis is a Papadakis whether it is for a member of the L.A. County School Board, a restaurant owner, or a photographer.

And for folks who still don't have a clue, Angie is NOT married to John or Taso, but they sure are all quite related.

It's going to be interesting reading the August 2008 edition of San Pedro Magazine. If you want to sound off about the public hearing and find your letter in the August edition, please write what you want to write and submit it to Josh very soon after today, Thursday June 26.

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