Thursday, June 19, 2008

Selling All of Us Out!

R Neighborhoods Are 1 will NOT use children as pawns, shields, or warriors!

R Neighborhoods Are 1 does NOT need to use desperation tactics to buy any support!

R Neighborhoods Are 1 has NEVER created a position, reneged on it, and then crawled back to OUR community when the going got difficult!

R Neighborhoods Are 1 WILL NOT purchase support from anyone!

R Neighborhoods Are 1 knows what is best for OUR community and it is NOT 1,950 condominiums, not even close!

It is sad to see Eastview Little League's leaders believe that Bob would do what he claims he would do.

I think Eastview Little League will find much more difficulty finding a true permanent home when their 'bargain with the devil' backfires on them.

EVLL, you have lost more than one sympathetic person to your ongoing plight.

EVLL, we WILL shop at the new Target.

EVLL, your leaders sold all your families out, for not much more than 40 pieces of chewing gum.

When the Planning Department finally comes out with what they feel should be built at Ponte Vista, just watch and see how fast Bob will use you to try and increase the number of units at Ponte Vista.

But then EVLL, it will be too late. You sold out your children. You sold out your families. You sold out OUR community!

Shame on you!


Wolfzone said...

Eastview Little League has always been - and remains - a desperate organization that has used intimidation tactics as a means to their end. Following their half-assed "decision" to not plan ahead many years back for a perm site or, of recent past, to refuse the use of what was offered to them, and destroying the dog park for THEIR selfish desires - you BET they'd take up Bisno's offer.

They once threatened me and others to not shop at Target "This is a UNION town, don't you know" one full of herself unkept 40ish woman told me.

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a DAMN and I for one cannot wait - I DROOL with delight when passing by the soon-to-be-opened Target.

M Richards said...

Thank you wolfzone, for your comment.

My wife has been waiting and waiting and waiting for the Target to open.

As it is at the end of the street we live on, kind of, sort of, we only need to follow all the shoppers who will cut through our neighborhood (Mira Vista) to get to the new store.

If San Pedro is a union town, and I am a union member, then I would thing that whoever condemns Target would not be caught dead in the real 'evil empire'-Walmart.

Just so everybody is reminded, when Bob does not get the approval for as many condos as he wants, after he loses the lawsuits, he still will not use union labor, as he has signed off on, so many of us truly believe.

Construction Unions need our support, but NOT when they make deals with Bisno that we all know won't be adhered to, by Bob.

Anonymous said...

Not likely, Bisno could build homes on portion of property anyway. Remember the earlier 'fire school' at the same Ave. Aprenda area many years ago? Dirty dirt then. Dirty deal now.

Gifting his least profitable portion of land to Eastview is self-serving. Guess that's no surprise to anyone.

Adding ball parks adds traffic. And "Traffic" is the ball to keep our eye on. Not ball parks.

Will Bisno offer transportation to and from the games and practices on demand? If not, why not?

Jim said...

There will be no ball fields because Bob probably won't build anything. In the past, Bob has sold his intrest in projects once he got the entitlements to build. Also, Bob uses contractors and they use subcontractors, so he really wont build anything. All of his promises to the unions and now the little league will never be kept. Once Bisno gets his entitlements, you won't see him or his Rolls Royce in town again.

I wonder how many of these union people saying don't shop at Target drive imported cars. How many of them check to see if the major appliances, furniture, or anything else the might be buying is "Made in USA"

M Richards said...

Thanks Jim, but it is a Bentley.

Bob drives his 'big' car to events in Ponte Vista unless he drives his 'little' car, a Maserati.

You are so correct that Bob actually builds very little, if anything.

At the giant development in the West L.A./Santa Monica that Bob tauts as something he developed, he actually developed....The Ralph's Supermarket.

mellonhead said...

If Bisno doesn't get the zoning change what does he do then?

M Richards said...

Great question Mellonhead.

Of course Bob will first tell you that he WILL get the zoning changes he wants and that he WILL build 1,950-condos at Ponte Vista.

In reality, the largest issue that will probably confront Bob and many in OUR community is that if the site remains with its current zoning allowing for only single-family, detached houses, then the access road to and from Mary Star that crosses his property will come into play.

Please remember though, that the new campus utilizes their Taper Avenue entrance for faculty, staff, deliveries, and visitors.

Anyone suggesting that the new campus would be cut off from access because of no route through Ponte Vista is factually in error.

As far as all the other "community benefits" Bob is claiming he WILL provide, none of them will actually be found in an all-R1 zoned Ponte Vista.

Of course, probably none of them will come along if Bob does get a zoning change to a "Specific Plan Zone" like he is requesting if the number of units allowed at Ponte Vista is less than what he wants to build.

Still, the thought of having senior housing on the north side of Ponte Vista, a farther walking distance to shopping than placing the senior housing on the south side of Ponte Vista, is pretty stupid, in my opinion.

IF EVLL does get its fields at Ponte Vista (don't place any bets that they actually will) then the fields, planned for the south side of Ponte Vista will be closer to Albertson's where they do sell Kool-Aid

And there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that the beverage being served at the upcoming supporters' dinner on June 26 at the Cabrillo Beach Bath House will be Kool-Aid, made famous by Jim Jones.