Friday, June 06, 2008

Odds and Ends 68

Thanks goes out to all the great folks who honked, waved, gave thumbs up, and showed their support during a short demonstration outside the Ponte Vista site, early this morning.

Mary Star High School was still in session during our little picketing party and we watched how folks had trouble trying to get their kids to school.

The left turn pocket on southbound Western Avenue at S. John Montgomery Drive is far too short for the number of parents and others who try to turn left across Western and on through the Ponte Vista site.

When the pocket fills up, many drivers proceed to the next pocket south on Western and make a U-turn to get back to the street where they will turn right on to.

Of course there are also lots of folks heading north on Western also trying to turn onto the Ponte Vista site to drop off their kid(s) at the new campus.

We already have a pretty good idea of how much worse traffic would be if any large number of condos are ever approved for Ponte Vista.

If you have been driving south on Western from P.V. Drive North and passing Fitness Drive, you may have seen some of the balconies at the huge Seaport Homes lease-to-own complex now welcoming residents to move in.

There is at least one bicycle on a balcony and other balconies sport small bar-b-ques, chairs and some plants.

I don't think these items are planted to make it look like folks have been moving in. So people are now leasing units at Seaport.

It appears that the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) for Ponte Vista may be published and sent out approximately 10 days prior to the June 26 Public Hearing.

The FEIR will have the comments and responses to the DEIR, but it will not indicate how many units at Ponte Vista, the Planning Department feels Bob can successfully get away with.

There are also going to be more hearings before the issues are brought before the Planning Commission for any judgement and/or recommendation on their part.

There is still a very long way to go before any vote is taken by the members of the Los Angeles City Council to create ordinances which would provide entitlements to Bob Bisno on what he could build.

Even if Bob were granted entitlements, there is still no guarantee that he won't sell those entitlements to others and leave the area with his pockets stuffed with money.

I still cannot confirm whether Bob lost his personal home in a foreclosure auction scheduled for June 4, 2008. I have written to some individuals who have better sources than I do, so I hope they reply sooner than later.

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Just4fin said...

Sorry to miss the event. It will be one of many to follow to express support for the current zoning and, more importantly, the opposition to the plans that Bob Bisno is trying to foist off on our communities. The scenario reads "take the money and run." Of course, Bob has found that this may be a lot harder to accomplish than he thought. On second thought, it might not be possible at all!