Friday, June 27, 2008

Odds and Ends 71

If you are of a mind to try and attempt any guess at how many bedrooms might be planned at Ponte Vista if Bob gets all of his 1,950-condos, you are more than welcome to visit the January, 2007 posts on this blog.

During the January 18, 2007 CAC meeting, Bob and I had a little side-meeting.

I asked Bob what he considered would be the percentages of each different type of units he was then planning to build in a 2,300-condo development.

He provided me with his comments that I scribbled down (I'm left-handed, please allow for chicken scratch) what he was thinking as to the breakdown of the different types of condos.

For example, Bob told me he thought that 10% of the units in the non-age restricted units would have four bedrooms, each. At that time that 10% equaled just over 172-four bedroom units.

Bob also gave me percentages that suggested that 16% of the units back then would be either lofts or studios. A loft has a sleeping area above the larger space of the rest of the unit.

Bob opined that the majority of units in the non-age restricted area would have three-bedrooms if memory serves me.

Bob told me he was guessing that the majority of senior units would have many two-bedroom condos and a very few three-bedroom units.

If you go back, use the breakdown that Bob gave me for 2,300 units, adjust the numbers for a 1,950-unit Ponte Vista, with 850-senior units, 100-attached townhouses, and 1,000-non age restricted condos, perhaps you can come up with your own ideas about the number of bedrooms that MIGHT be at Ponte Vista.

Why is knowing how many bedrooms might be at the site, important?

Well, for several reasons.

If Bob has thus far been unwilling to publish more public numbers as to the projected number of bedrooms he is planning on building, he may very well be hiding behind the idea that he can get through the approval processes without revealing any real numbers as to the overall estimated population of residents at Ponte Vista.

Many folks who purchase or lease multi-bedroom units have to resort to renting out extra bedrooms in order to pay help page the mortgage/lease/rental/HOA fees and dues.

Having renters living at Ponte Vista would extremely impact the traffic counts, numbers of vehicles, levels of service as far as traffic passes through intersections, so forth and so on.

There can be no true accounting for the number of school-age children that might need to have seats in public schools allotted for them, if the number of bedrooms remains outside the discussion. Any prediction of the number of school seats required is currently impossible to accurately calculate, if the number of bedrooms is not known.

Knowing how many bedrooms might be at Ponte Vista allows you to think of compromise numbers and types of condos Bob could get approval to build.

It looks like we all had our only public hearing concerning Ponte Vista, being in San Pedro.

It strongly looks like the hearings before the Planning Commission and the meetings of the City Council where Ponte Vista may come up, will be held in downtown Los. Angeles.

Bob has plenty of bucks to hire bus companies to transport supporters of his plans, downtown.

More information about how folks like me and the thousands of members of OUR community who oppose Bob's current plans, will come closer to the hearing and meeting dates of the Commission and the Council. Don't worry, you will be assisted in your efforts to travel downtown to address your concerns.

I didn' see San Pedro's honorary Mayor at the hearing. There could be many good reasons why Joe Donato wasn't there to offered his continued support of Bob's current plans.

Another reason could have been regarding ILWU Local 13's take on the project.

I also don't remember hearing from Jim Stanovich, a fellow who assisted in the selling down the river of so many of our local ball players.

It looks like Eastview Little has only two more seasons on Knoll Hill. Would new ball fields at Ponte Vista be the first project to be completed on the site, once Bob receives entitlements to build with a higher density than R1?

If that doesn't happen within the time frame EVLL needs, and according to more that a large amount of folks who have definite opinions, EVLL may need to look for fields in Long Beach, Lomita, Wilmington, Harbor City, or Temecula because there is absolutely, positively no place where EVLL would be welcome in San Pedro or R.P.V. with the current management they have.

It may come to pass that children wishing to play in the Eastview Little League will have to find a game for use on their Wii, because their management has burned all the bridges in San Pedro and R.P.V.

If you weren't pronto in visiting Pronto's on Western, you are now unable to feed your hunger for good food, at that establishment.

Along Western Avenue from north of Sepulveda in Torrance, all the way down to just before you crash through the fence and plumet down onto Royal Palms, there are just three gas stations currently operating.

Chevron at P.C.H., Shell at Park Western, and Mobile at 25Th Street.

We will welcome back another 25% when the Chevron at Crestwood re-opens.

The ARCO at 7Th and Weymouth is now closed and fenced off.

There has been an application created to remove the Valero station on P.V. Drive North and replace it with a new Rite Aid.

Now think about trying to fuel your vehicle after Ponte Vista is built out, with so few filling stations in the local area.

Answers to some questions you may have to observations on another post that I will create after this post is posted:

Park Plaza shopping center.


Down in the Highlands.

In very small wooden pens not much bigger than they were.

At the bottom of Trudie.

Near where the neighborhood market was. It is now Lou's Flooring.

1962. 1971, 37-years ago.

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