Monday, June 02, 2008

Public Hearing Scheduled

A wonderful member of the Planning Department provided this reply to my Email inquiring about an upcoming public hearing regarding the Ponte Vista at San Pedro project.

Here is a copy of the body of the reply:

"A public hearing before a Hearing Officer and the Advisory Agency has been scheduled for June 26th. It will be at the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium auditorium and will begin at 5:00 after the Aquarium closes. The purpose of the hearing is to take official public testimony and is not a decision making meeting. Notices before a Hearing Officer require a 24-day notice so people within a 500-feet radius of the project will be receiving notices shortly. There is no recommendation on the project from the Planning Department before the hearing. Planning Department recommendations are made after the public hearing where the Department considers all information gathered."

As I wrote in my comment to the comment left by "mellonhead" yesterday, I offered that the auditorium contains less than 300 permanent seats, so folks wishing to find a place to sit should probably arrive early.

We can all be sure that Bob will have lots and lots and lots of supporters attending the hearing, if there really are "lots" of supporters to his current plans left.

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Greg M. Ingerson said...

Don't be easily fooled by Bob's support. Bob's supporters are most likely on his payroll or have other business connections to his company.