Thursday, April 19, 2007

2,025-seat SRHS #14 DEAD....BUT..........

A review meeting was held Thursday evening to inform the public of a new set of proposals by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and their facilities division.

Plans to construct a 2,025 seat senior high school at the Ponte Vista site in northwest San Pedro, have given way to a new set of proposals.

This post will deal with the particulars and facts as presented by Mr. Rod Hamiliton of the facilities division of the LAUSD. I will try my best not to interject my opinions in this particular post. Of course, everyone should have an opinion but I think I can address mine in a subsequent post.

The new plan consists of building two new senior high schools in San Pedro. At the Ponte Vista site, LAUSD still plans to build what is now called South Region High School (SRHS) #14, as an 810 seat senior high school. Information about that site is below.

A new proposed high school, which has the designation of SRHS #15, is proposed to be a 1,215-seat senior high school on land currently owned by LAUSD at Angeles Gate, which was part of what was Fort MacArthur.

Here are some new details about the proposal for SRHS #14.

810 seat senior high school campus on between 6-8 acres of land within what is now known as Ponte Vista at San Pedro.

The 30-classroom campus would be comprised of two "small learning communities", and would be built to ease overcrowding at Narbonne High School.

The "preferred site" is still in the northern portion of the Ponte Vista site, where Bob Bisno want to construct his Senior Housing section, according to his current plans.

The site is within San Pedro, but like the rest of the Ponte Vista site, it is within the Wilmington-Harbor City Community Plan Area.

With this new proposal for SRHS #14, there is not a more detailed description of the site available at this time.

Here are some facts about the newly proposed SRHS #15.

The 1,215 seat senior high is proposed to be built within a 28 acre preferred site on land LAUSD already owns at Angels Gate, or Fort MacArthur.. If I remember correctly, the land required to build SRHS #14 will be about 12 acres.

The 45 classroom campus will have three "small learning communities" and will ease the overcrowding of San Pedro High School.

There are no site plans as yet for this campus, and many, many issues still need to be addressed.

One of the biggest issues as yet unaddressed is ingress and egress of the campus.

There are already LAUSD facilities in the larger site which the district owns near the 28 acre "preferred site."

The Board of Education is slated to vote for approval of the two new site plans on May 22, 2007. The meeting is open to the public.

Councilwoman Janice Hahn spoke at the review meeting and said that she liked the idea of "500 seat academies" and as I stood behind her when she made her remarks, I believe she said she did not like both proposals for a 810-seat school and a 1,215-seat school. She also applauded the districts efforts at working towards compromise and wishes more talks will be held dealing with compromise.

A Councilman from the City of Lomita spoke and suggested that a school to ease overcrowding at Narbonne should be built closer to Narbonne and perhaps in Lomita.

These are the facts as I know them right now and the opinions of two Council members.

Your comments are very welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Yes,the increasing number of housing units planned for the areas' in S.P, Lomita, Wilminton generate many students. And keep in mind charter schools are open to all students state wide.

Ponte Vista new school could teach human health services course ultimately meeting the needs for the seniors at ponte vista. A 21st century community "hands on" learning environment!!

Angels Gate might include an academy for environmentalist, parks and rec. rangers, another for culinary arts and other hotel workers, another for hospitality management, the possibilities are endless ! Thanks, LAUSD's new plan.