Thursday, April 12, 2007

Tom Field, the Aftermath and More

Once upon a time, I asked everyone to write what they thought should be built at Ponte Vista. Tom Field was one person who responded and his proposals are included further down this blog.
You too, are encouraged to write what you feel should be built at Ponte Vista, and send your thoughts to me, at the Email address listed on the top of this blog.

Tom has been commenting on posts of this blog since almost the beginning last September. Tom is the "tom" in the comments. Tom and I do not agree on what should be built at Ponte Vista, but I do think two of his proposals warrant more study and possible inclusion.

At the beginning of this blog I feel it is fair to write that I was more pro-R1 for the entire site than I am now, and Tom was leaning more in the direction of a large development. Although he never claimed to be a Bisno supporter, you can read his proposals to learn that he does think a 1,700-unit development might be able to be built, but he has since stated that he is not "married" to the 1,700-unit count.

Tom has written some thing I definitely do not agree with, but I do appreciate his concern for what is to become of the site in northwest San Pedro. If, after reading the posts below, you wish to read some more of his comments and my reactions to those comments, you can find some of them in more recent posts.

Tom wrote what he wrote and he knows there will be some flak headed his way. I hope you read not only his contribution of the letter he wrote, but also his proposal. I am certainly not asking anybody to agree with either Tom or myself, but I think these debates and discussions need to be brought out so we can all move forward to find the best solution for OUR community.

So please sit back, take a chill pill and read on through. Then please make up your own mind and perhaps you will make a comment or two, or even contribute your own post about what you would like to see at Ponte Vista.

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