Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Releasing Pricing Information

In last Saturday's More San Pedro insert of The Daily Breeze, Mr. Bob Bisno had a guest column published where he stated some possible prices for units he is proposing to build at Ponte Vista.

I wrote to Ms. Elise Swanson, a Vice President of Bisno Development Corp., seeking source documentation Mr. Bisno used for the figures he wrote about. I did this because I had never read in any formal documentation, of what the price for the least expensive unit might be at Ponte Vista and I heard Mr. Bisno himself say what he thought the least priced units might go for.

The figure Mr. Bisno mentioned to me and the figure stated in the guest column are different.

Mr. Bisno can say and write whatever he wants about the possible prices for units at Ponte Vista because he is the developer and he, above probably anyone else, would and should know what the prices may be. It is his right and, I believe his responsibility, to tell all of us what the prices might be because of the storm of controversy over the word "affordable" when used by supporters and opponents of his project.

Here is the body of the reply to my Email to Ms. Swanson, regarding the source documentation concerning the prices Mr. Bisno used in his guest column:

"Thank you for your interest in our pricing information that appeared in Bob’s column. As a team, we have decided that we will release our documentation on pricing to the entire community in the near future."

Well, that is fair enough for me. I just hope the "near future" is closer to now than later. Perhaps before supporters, opponents, and even those of us who wish for compromise deal much more with possible pricing, we should wait JUST A LITTLE WHILE for the folks at Bisno Development to provide the documentation Ms. Swanson claims is coming.

Also I think we all need to agree that the housing market is undergoing some changes and those changing issues may last for sometime in the future. It is fair to suggest that pricing for units proposed by Mr. Bisno might change, reflecting the changes now and in the future of the housing market.

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