Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How About a Contest?

What about having a contest to see who can create great cards to return to Bob?

Below is the first entry from Ann. Her entry would fit into the "serious' category, the judges feel.

The judges have thought about having different categories for entries. The categories are as follows: Serious, Humourous, Artistic, and Bland.

There aren't many rules about what should or should not be on entries, other than no profanity, no dirty pictures, no personal attacks, and things that would not make us all appear to be as "nice" as supporters want us to be.

Please Email your .jpg entries to mrichards2@hotmail.com and not only will I try to include your card on this blog, I will also enter your card into the contest.

Prizes? O.K. Would a personalized button be alright? This is a free contest and the prizes have been donated by the judges, so there is no money that needs to change hands. HOWEVER, if you feel like bribing judges, then you can make your check out to
R Neighborhoods Are 1, and send it to the address on their Web site.
Unfortunately any and all bribes would be appreciated, but they will not influence the judges' opinions in any way.

The judges for this contest are: Mark Wells, M Richards, Sven Ludvquist O'Brien, Nel, Gus, and Dr. Vlegalgruber.

Please folks, have fun creating your masterpieces like Ann did.

The deadline for entries is soon because we want you to mail your entries back to Bob and his gang as soon as possible. Let's say May 3 will be the deadline, o.k.?

Thanks again Ann, for your entry.

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