Wednesday, April 25, 2007

CAC Meeting Thursday

Councilwoman Janice Hahn's Community Advisory Committee meets at 6:00 PM, Thursday April 26, 2007 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, in San Pedro.

There is supposed to be a report by members of the L.A. Department of Transportation gang.
We have not heard if they are going to present a report on the new Traffic Study requested by Ms. Hahn. Heck, it seems nobody knows what they are going to report on. Many of us think they don't know, either.

This is probably going to be a fun and important meeting. I don't expect any surprizes from Mike Bagheri and others at DOT, unless they have found where they placed their reasoning.

I think Bob and his gang will show up in force after finding themselves being befuddled by large numbers of folks representing R Neighborhoods Are 1, that showed up for the last meeting.

Now here is a question. If you believe in R1 and you believe that members of the Community Advisory Committee should represent your wishes, are you willing to demand that members of that committee call for keeping the current zoning at Ponte Vista, what it currently is?

How would you feel if the folks you believe represent your interests come up with recommendations that call for some kind of compromise and some zoning changes?

When I was a member of the CAC, I was informed that I represented the wishes of the folks in R.P.V. who I was supposed to represent. As many of you know, I was one of the more vocal members of that body who challenged many of the issues and dealings with the folks at City Planning. Should I have called for keeping R1, the current zoning for Ponte Vista, if I had stayed on the CAC until recommendations were made?

Do you think you have a right and responsibility to call for members of the CAC you believe should represent your interests, for them to recommend keeping the zoning as it currently is?

Do you think the majority of members of the CAC will listen?

In defense of the CAC, they are being lobbied heavily by some members of Janice Hahn's staff and folks from the Planning Department to come up with numbers of units that would mean zoning changes for Ponte Vista. They are now under tremendous pressure by some folks in L.A. government and planning to make recommendations that will essentially be a compromise set of recommendation that would lead to Janic Hahn POSSIBLY calling for compromise and zoning changes. Is that what you want?

I am asking these questions because I know I am the oddball in the R Neighborhoods Are 1 organization. If you don't know my position, then please check other posts. I would like to know where you stand about whether the CAC is still strong in representing your interests, or after the pressure placed on them, beginning to bow to the wishes of certain unelected folks in government and planning?

If you feel that the CAC is heading down the wrong road, I strongly suggest you attend the meeting and let them know your feelings.

Bob Bisno is not compromising in any way, in writing, that I have been able to find. If the CAC makes recommendations that might lead to zoning changes, how would you feel about that?

Who does the CAC really represent, or even if they represent anybody, and what are your current expectations of the members?

Please remember these 13 individuals have volunteered to be in a fishbowl and attacked from all sides. They are members of OUR community and I certainly do not want them to make decisions they will be criticized for, by anyone, because of their service to US and the recommendations they MAY make.

Who knows, perhaps they might vote to all drop out because of the pressure from certain members of city government and planning. Who might that hurt? Perhaps no one.

Folks, I still feel the CAC is doing the best they can under increasingly more pressure and higher demands to come up with recommendations that Janice Hahn may just ignore and would probably be ignored by Bob, anyway.

If you don't want compromise and want 23oo units built, let the CAC know.
If you dont want compromise on the current zoning of the site, let the CAC know.

Let the CAC know what you want and WHY you want it.

Time is beginning to run out. The CAC is now being almost ordered to come up with some recommendations soon. If you believe the CAC should represent you, then now is the time to let them know.

I am not changing my basic position, but I now recognize that if Bob Bisno is not willing to compromise, he may let the CAC do the compromising for him and that would be a lose-lose for the members of the CAC, Janice Hahn, and OUR community.

Bob Bisno must compromise FIRST, before any recommendation from the CAC is even put on the table. If he abdicates his responsibility and allows unelected government workers and planners to pressure the CAC to come up with compromise recommendations, We all lose and Bob win-wins.

Let Tom Field and I stand out in the desert and take the heat from all sides by our calls for compromise. There only needs to be two of us before Bob blinks. No blink, no compromise.

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