Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Numbers Really Don't Mean a Thing, But.

Bob likes to taut numbers.

Here are some numbers about this blog. Thank you, each and every one of you, who have visited, commented, and debated on this blog.

188 viewable posts.

623 comments, of those 167 have come from me. I save all of the comments because they also are Emailed to me.

As of 6:15 PM, 6,986 visits since September, 2006, with 11,528 pages viewed.

Average number of visits per day, 65.

Now to be honest, there are a lot of visitors who just click on and then leave without any time measured against their visit. There are also several visitors from and (none of them me) whose visits are counted twice each time they visit this blog.

I appreciate all the folks who have visited this blog to learn, argue, share, wonder, and keep concerned about the Ponte Vista at San Pedro project.

This is a free blog where no one is beholding to any advertiser or financial backer. Please feel free to share your thoughts in comment or perhaps, a contribution of a written post.

My site meter should be available for everyone to view.

I am still, simply amazed.

Be well,
Mark Wells
aka M Richards

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the only thing that can be said is: congratulations!

ponte vista is one of the biggest issues to face the south bay and san pedro in many years.

it will see basically a new city be built in san pedro. this blog, whether you're against it or for it, has been a huge, huge, success.