Thursday, April 19, 2007

Illustrations of SRHS #15 site

Here are two illustrations of where LAUSD may build SRHS #15.

The first photo is taken from my memory of the presentation given at the Thursday meeting where the new campus was revealed to the public. On a slide of the site, there was a red box, a bit smaller than the one in this photo that suggested the possible location of the new campus. I don't have the PowerPoint presentation yet to copy the slide, but I think you can get an idea where some of the folks at LAUSD think the new campus should be.
The illustration below, is taken from the pamphlet given to me by Mr. Rod Hamilton and it shows the entire area owned by LAUSD as the preferred site.
If you go back and look at the first photo, you may see some of the very big road problems that would face such a large campus at Angels Gate.
Alma is too narrow on the west side.
There is no break in the housing on 30th. Street.
The road on the east side, near the intersection of Gaffey Street and 30th. Street is old, too narrow, owned by the City of Los Angeles, too steep, and would have to be completely rebuilt.
The road, 36th. Street on the south side is too narrow, is up the hill from 37th. Street, is part of an almost enclosed neighborhood, and would probably have to use Paseo del Mar as the arterial for that route.

There is probably no need to even consider the existing intersections on Gaffey to the park and cultural center.

How might information about SRHS #15 impact what may or may not happen at Ponte Vista, and why should I bring this up on a blog concerning Ponte Vista?

Just as the Ponte Vista project has divided this community in terms of residential development, one might consider that a new division might be created by LAUSD suggesting that folks towards the southern end of OUR community, accept a high school in their area as well.

I hope, beyond hope that we do not become even more divided because of the schools issue. I don't think a four-year high school should be built at Angels Gate, but I do have a suggestion.

IF folks can compromise on a 9th. grade academy at Angels Gate, PERHAPS LAUSD would fund a new swimming pool there for use by both high schools and the public. We could possibly get the old Gaffey Street pool replaced by one funded by LAUSD. PERHAPS, even though most 9th. graders aren't 16-years old, we might get LAUSD to build a parking lot or structure that could be used by the public and the cultural center during the evenings and on weekends.

But my ideas are just mine and I hope everyone considers whether they would tolerate a new campus at Angels Gate, and what that campus might look like.

I feel the best results come from compromise. I think we can do better by talking things through, learning as much of the facts as possible, and trying to come up with the best plans possible for everyone.

Again, if you have strong feelings about either SRHS #14 and/or SRHS #15, the LAUSD Board of Education is slated to vote for these new proposals on May 22, 2007. There is not much time to get organized, so we all had better begin talking......a lot......and real soon!

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