Monday, April 16, 2007

A Little More Stuff

I hope when you read the posts on this blog, you take the time to read the comments, too. Some very interesting debate and lively "discussion" takes place in the comments sections. Sometimes comments about topics are within another post. Please have fun and consider joining the debate.

I strongly urge the folks who are putting on the April 19 meeting about reviewing the SRHS #14 project have just a very few words to say. How about, "Plans for building a 2,025 seat senior high school on the Ponte Vista site have ended." That's all I want and need to hear. Anything else, like any continued statements about building such a large school in northwest San Pedro should be shouted down with the highest volume of people shouting their discontent about continued suggestions that such a school should be built.

Moving posts around this blog is very easy. Sometimes you see posts moved up or down on this blog. Perhaps you may think you are reading something you thought you saw posted on another date. Please don't fret, it is not your mind wandering, it's these posts that move around.

Really gang, you all should come to the next CAC meeting. Please read the post about the free Thursday night event. The next one is April 26 and the comedy team from the City Department of Transportation is going to put on a show that will probably have all of us in stitches. There are newer traffic counts being conducted now on Western. P.C.H. is looking like their ATSAC is going in, too.

Don't ever take walking free of pain for granted. If you see me, the answer is avascular necrosis, or osteo necrosis. Osteo necrosis translates to bone death and it is a treatable condition. When blood supply is cut off to bones, they begin to die. 90% of the folks who get osteo necrosis get it in their hips. That's where I've got mine. Please don't feel sorry for me. See how much writing I get to do when I am not climbing poles or crawling under or over houses?
Besides, the wonderful things they are doing with titanium these days, makes me look forward to becoming partially metallic. Part of me will be just like the case of my Panasonic Tough Book work laptop computer.

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