Monday, April 23, 2007

Another Contribution of a Post

This is a post contributed by A. Johnson.

I am sure you got the pretty postal flyer from Ponte Vista and how they intend to mitigate traffic everywhere except Western Ave and P.V. Dr. North, the direct impact of this mess. 2,300 homes. Usually families own at least 2 vehicles. Okay, maybe not seniors. At least 3,000 (low figure) more cars spilling onto Western Ave in rush hour, 7:30 - 8:00 am., and afternoon rush hour. Can you imagine how I feel now trying to get to work at that time along with everyone else? My husband leaves at 6:00 just to miss this mess. Ponte Vista is not even developed yet. Neither is that MONSTER fully completed you are talking about. Let's not forget that new high school.

Ponte Vista really wants me to sign their postcard, saying that I accept their property and devaluation of my life. Everyone wants to be a prisoner in their own little community and not drive anywhere, and just shop there in Ponte Vista. "Smart Growth" sounds like a great idea, but will it work? Bisno and his clan should be legally bound to live, breath, work in that development for at least 5 years. Let them be prisoners in their own newly developed community. See how they like to deal with the traffic. Let them feel the full impact of their development. They should live there. It's too much for our community. We are already getting overly crowded. Enough is enough.

My aunt used to work for a property management company. She warned me about condos, CC&Rs, close neighbors, usually the ones whom you share a common wall, above you, below you, or to the side of you; and rules and regulations of what you can and cannot do in your own little living space. We heeded her comments, and found ourselves a nice house. God forbid your neighbor who lives above you has work done on their plumbing from a non professional. Leaks and puddles and water damage occur in your living quarters and the unit below yours!!! Who pays for that? Property management usually doesn't get involved. It's not common space. Is it mandatory for everyone to get home owners insurance. And how do you regulate that? All the horror stories I have heard from her and other condo owners! I will stay away as long as I can from those types of places.

Life as we know it will change forever, and not for the best. If that area needs to be developed, that place should be developed into single family residences, with a lot of green space between homes, kind of the way Laguna Nigel, Aliso Viejo has been developed. Not as many residences can be developed, but it would be a little kinder. I guess it's the all mighty dollars that speaks the loudest.

I wonder, who were the 10,370 people who support Ponte Vista? Are they in this area? Where do they reside?

A. Johnson is just like so many wonderful we have been meeting while a group of folks from R Neighborhoods Are 1 stand outside local supermarkets and ask folks to consider signing the R1 petition. She is a regular person, who is not as involved as many of us are with the issues about the development.

This is another example of a member of our community who wants to share their opinion about Ponte Vista, but probably doesn't have the time to attend the various meetings and other functions that happen, concerning Ponte Vista.

I find it very refreshing to read opinions from community members who have a strong opinion about Ponte Vista, but may not have the opportunity to share their opinions with others.

I did not get the mailing Ms. Johnson was referring to in her post. But she did fax the item to me as I was preparing this post. Thank you for that, Ms. Johnson. Perhaps Bob won't waste postage to the 90275 zip code, or there is some other reason I didn't get the mailing.

Actually folks, some of the individuals working for Bob Bisno, and many seniors on his advisory boards, wish to move into units at Ponte Vista, if and when they are built. We'll see how many real senior supporters still want to buy a market-priced condominium at Ponte Vista once they learn the real prices and other costs of moving out of their pre-proposition 13 home and into a condo with much, much higher taxes, homeowner association dues and other fees they never had to pay for.

Thank you again, A. Johnson, for your post.

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