Saturday, April 07, 2007

Odds and Ends 7

When you read the long Letter to the Editor in the April 6, 2007 edition of the More San Pedro
Magazine supplement to the Daily Breeze, you get a sense that you may have read it before.

If the letter looks familiar, it is because it is essentially a copy of a contribution of a post from "tom" that I posted on this blog on March 31. Before you get your goat too far up, after you read his letter, please look farther down this blog to find his contribution with his compromise proposals for the Ponte Vista project. It is now titled: Tom Field's Proposals

I guess the letter looking so much like the post is one way Mr. Tom Field has chosen to identify himself as the real "tom", who has posted comments on this blog and perhaps elsewhere for some time now. Tom has some real nads to want published his issues with
R Neighborhoods Are 1 on this blog and the very much wider read, More San Pedro.

Mr. Field and I disagree about the total numbers for the Ponte Vista project, but I heartily support his call for compromise. His post with his ideas provide some interesting approaches to the proposed development in northwest San Pedro, and they should be read by everyone.

I could even support Tom's call for 1,700 units, if that is the new "ceiling" number of homes. I think if that number were established, perhaps R Neighborhoods Are 1 could come up with a new "floor" and thereby create a new set of numbers that can be used for even more compromises. I feel there is a certain number of units between 1,700 and 429 that can be the best for our community.

Tom Field knows there will be backlash to his letter to the editor just as he has read some backlash to his contributions. I think we all will be waiting to read the next More San Pedro
on April 14 to see what's inside.

You know, even I am beginning to think there just might be a few too many letters to the editor in the regular section of the Daily Breeze, coming from folks who oppose the project. I don't want folks to become to apathetic about the project if they keep reading letters of opposition. I would like to see if there are any folks willing to write letters in support of Mr. Bisno's current plans, if there still are any in the community. Perhaps the pendulum has swung so far away from support to his 2,300-unit project, that supporters are giving up and that wouldn't be a bad thing for me. But where is the real debate when one group so overly floods the discussions?
We have seen at Community Advisory Committee meetings that Bob Bisno stacks the deck with supporters to speak about the project and they are now being practically ignored by the CAC members.
_______________________________________________ has removed some of the Webmaster's head from a place it should never have gone. The Web site has included more about San Pedro. Thank you Seaport Luxury Homes. Now, everybody who wants to go buy a condo in San Pedro and have basically only and alley as an access, take a look at Seaport Luxury Homes and put down some money. Let's sell that place out so nobody else wants to move into a condo in northwest San Pedro so we can get singly-family, detached homes at Ponte Vista.

So, how many of you read the information about the new 18-story, plus one 5-6 story, development called Urban Village at Palos Verdes Street? Did you read where there will be
"work force housing" build in the development? O.K. so the "work force housing" is only going to comprise 15 of the 215 units of the 18-story building. And yes, those units will have an average of approximately 609 square feet. But hey, at least somebody is building almost 6% of their units as "work force housing" and that's more than a certain proposed development in northwest San Pedro is claiming they will build.

This is just for comparison only. The largest circulation of a copy of a house sales advertisement seems to be the "little shack" that is for sale by owner at 1865 Trudie Drive. The extremely vast majority of folks picking up the one page ad, with photos, have absolutely no intention of even putting in an offer for the house. Everyone who watched its remodeling process and have wondered what it looks like inside, are stopping by to pick up a page. The owners have to add more copies 3-4 times a day.

The house, well, the very front portion, was built in 1949 and there is not much left of the original structure other than one bedroom. All the rest of the original house has been remodeled, including the front bathroom. So for a mere 1.175 million dollars, you get a 2,200 square foot, four-bedroom, custom remodeled home that is really spectacular on the inside and out.
The lot is the largest on our block at approximately 9,800 square feet and there is a really long driveway to the over sized garage in the back. If you view the house from my house it looks like it goes from one time zone to another because it is soooooooo long.

This would be a good home for somebody with some money and kids because it is in the P.V.P.U.S.D. school district, sort of. Actually school aged children in our neighborhood can go to either L.A.U.S.D (Crestwood, Dodson, S.P.H.S.) or P.V.P.U.S.D. (Dapplegray, Miraleste Intermediate, and probably either P.V. High or Peninsula H.S.)

The house stands out on our block, as does the house immediately above it, both for very different reasons.

The site meter for this blog appears to have something screwy with it. It seems to count visitors from twice for the same visit. I am one of the visitors, and that location, too provides some funny readings.

All this is just one more example of why numbers, sometimes, shouldn't be counted on.

This week's trivia has nothing to do with Ponte Vista.

Have you ever been asked; "When is Easter this year?" I will now provide you with the correct
answer for this year, last year, and every year in the future.

Easter is always the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the Spring equinox. That is, if you are in the northern hemisphere.

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Tom Field can take his Maypo and go have breakfast with Bisno. The guy hasn't got a clue. He believes that money rules all, and the will of a community doesn't mean shit. Let's bow down to the all powerful little pastey faced weasel Bob Bisno!! Tom Field obviously doesn't care to try to preserve the San Pedro lifestyle that makes some of us "Lifers". He wants this community dilluted and large, so San Pedro's identity is lost.
You know what...I take all that back. In light of Tom Field's article, I change my mind. He's opened my eyes. Let's move toward "progress" folks, and create more traffic, crime, pollution, and crowding. Let's support TOM FIELD!!!! He's a smart man....nobody gets one over on him.

tom said...

My, my, my, what a potty-mouth. You can always tell when someone has run out of logic and is falling back on a scripted set of half-truths when they have to resort to insults.

But please Anonymous 8:59am, enlighten us as to what the "San Pedro lifestyle" is?

Anonymous said...

What do you mean Tom? I have realized the errors and half-truths and am now a Tom Field supporter. You are a smart man....a very smart man...a very smart logical man. No Maypo for me buddy.

M Richards said...

Howdy anonymous 8:59 AM,

I don't like foul language on this blog.

The "anonymous 8:59" is also the same person who left a comment on the most recent "Another Contribution of a Post", he/she also uses, as I do, and wrote both comments while I was still asleep.

For the record, Tom has written to me that he is "not married" to his 1,700 unit figure he has proposed and I am not married to my 1,100 unit proposal. We both want compromise that could find the best solution for all of us in the community.

Thank you anonymous 8:59, for reading this blog and being concerned about the issues. You are most welcome to provide me with your post contribution stating your positions and why you have them and I would keep you "anonymous" if you would like. I would need to know who you are, of course, but I keep who I normally write to quite secret unless, like in Tom's case, someone is ready to reveal themselves on their own

Anonymous said...

Oh please... Potty mouth, foul language? I guess I should have used "poo-poo". Would that have been okay? Geeez.
And MW, you are waaaay off base on tieing my comments to any other Anonymous. Don't bother.

tom said...

Anonymous 8:59am and 1:56pm, you still haven't answered the question - what is the "San Pedro lifestyle"?

You are dancing all around attempting to divert attention from the core issues. Your pettiness and sarcasm won't carry you very far.

As far as your statements about me and what I believe, you have no idea what I believe so your shot-in-the-dark opinions are worthless.

Your juvenile behavior is proving you are incapable of discussing this, or presenting your case in a mature and rational way.

M Richards said...

Howdy anonymous 1:56 PM,

I don't believe you are always the same "anonymous" as I don't believe I am always writing from

The same "anonymous" that left a comment on "Another Post Contribution" at 8:35 AM and another comment on this page at 8:59 AM, first got on this blog at 8:23.34 AM and stayed on for 36.0 minutes. Everyone can look up these numbers on the site meter.
This "anonymous" was the only visitor from at the time the comments were left.

The "anonymous" 1:56 PM comment came from a source that visited the blog begining at 13:47.26 or 1:47.26 and stayed for 13 minutes and 45 seconds, which would have been within the time frame to leave the 1:56 PM comment.
Again, this "anonymous" used and was the only one visiting the blog at that time, that could have left the comment.

Being as I have had for so long and who I work for, I can tell you that whoever this or these "anonymous" persons are, they have had to have been a subscriber Internet services for some time, ecause the "" address is used by folks who have had Internet service since before 2002.

No matter who posts contributions or comments, please refrain from using words that may be thought of as swear words.

I can't write that I don't want vulgar words on this blog because "2,300 homes" is extremely vulgar in my opinion, as is "Ponte Vista will provide affordable housing for low and middle income families."

Anonymous said...

I support you Tommy boy.