Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Two Legends Join Protest

Another protest demonstration was held this morning, outside the gates of Ponte Vista by members of R Neighborhoods Are 1. Lots of folks honked their horns as they drove by on their way northbound on Western Avenue. Just think of how their commute will change if Bob gets his way and builds 2,300 condos and adds at least 9,212 mor cars on Western every day!

For the second time, the legendary "Elvis" Trani has received a humongous number of honks of horns as "The King" demonstrates for what he feels should remain at Ponte Vista.

The second legend is Mr. Neal Kleiner, smiling and wearing the tie,one of the two candidates running for Mike Lansing's seat on the LAUSD Board of Education. Mr. Kleiner also opposes Bob's current plans and wants everyone to know that he won't take political contributions from Bob Bisno. With Neal is R Neighborhoods Are 1's own Gabriel Rivas.

If you look in the back into the background of the picture you may notice that Dr. Richard Vladovich, the other candidate to fill Mike's old seat, is not in the picture. Could it be that he was having ANOTHER meeting with Bob Bisno? Who knows? We all do know that Dr. Vladovich wasn't at either of the protests. What is Dr. Vladovich's stance on residential development at Ponte Vista?

In this photo, I allow you the chance to decide which sign you prefer. The sign in front calls for Ponte Vista to just simply keep the current zoning it has had for many years now. The other sign shows the dream of an out-of-OUR-community's developer, who wishes to build a private condo development, behind gates, and guarded to keep folks he may feel are not worthy of coming into Ponte Vista, away from.

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Anonymous said...

What can I say, the pics of Elvis protesting are great and gave me a good ol' belly laugh.

One thought though. When I first glanced at the protest sign he was holding, it looks like the red slash is going through R-1. In other words, it seems as though the King is against R-1. I'm just thinking that if someone is driving by at 50 mph (ok, probably slower on crowded Western), this sign could be a little confusing.

I think that blunt is better. Something like "Keep R-1" or "No 2300 homes" (red slash through 2300). 2 cents from a supporter.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I have a lawn sign, and I thought the same thing. At first glance you think its against R1.
Just say NO to BisNO!!!